Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Multi-tasking, or something like it

My dear redhead is still plagued by back problems, so I've been trying very hard to be "SuperMe" and take care of as much stuff at home as possible. Save for a very crabby spate on Sunday, I think I'm managing to keep most of the balls aloft. I really do hate laundry, I must say. It's not the sorting and starting, but I can't abide the time lost folding and putting it away. Seth once said he wished we could all just wear clothes made out of paper and recycle them at the day's end. Hmmm...business venture?

I have two (count 'em, two) knitting projects going. Still hard at work on my SP's large, warmth-inducing gift (as she is in a colder place than I), and I've begun on a baby blanket for the daughter of a friend. All the booties patterns look a bit much for me right now, so I figured, "Hey, who doesn't need lots of blankies?". And the Sirdar yarn was on sale, a lovely lavender, and snuggly albeit mostly acrylic (I figure it's got to be washing-machine friendly as it will be for a first bebe).

Tahki yarn is really delectable! I snagged some for the scarf promised to a certain New Mexican chickie I know, and it will soon be whirling about on my favorite needles to date, my size 13 Brittany beechwood babies. Photo of fab yarn soon to come.

Computer will be going away soon (gasp, sob) to get some brain surgery. One of Marion's games did something unspeakable to the box, and my other half wishes to repair pronto. I've convinced him to wait until next week, at least, as I really am trying to meet the month-end deadline for the manual re-writing project I've been involved with. I've done about half of the work I need to, so will likely be buckling down to it over the next few nights. Will try to get at least one more post in before bussing the Compaq and sending it out into the big, scary world of repair shops. (separation anxiety begins NOW!)

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain (oops, that sounded like a comment from a liberal). I could say that's what you get for leaving Macintosh and going to the dark side, but I won't, at least not more than once.