Sunday, July 13, 2014

Orange ya glad to see me?

Everybody has these, don't they?
My favorite Christmas presents from my mom some years ago--I use the i-pod daily and the mug is my special "Saturday-lounge -around-drinking-lattes" container.
M's hat. Too small for me, but I love it anyway.
A well-used oven mitt made by Miss M many, many years ago.
My beloved riff on the Stormcloud shawlette.
My version of Nest.
A gift from my girlie.
My phone.
My favorite spectacles....Dutz makes such desirable frames...

This is a long intro, but stay with me just a minute more. Our family car, purchased new and custom-built in 2002, has recently gone into decline. She began aging gracelessly about 6 months ago, and is picking up speed. There was the big issue with brake problems which resulted in our parking brake sticking "just a bit".  She conked out on the DH while he was waaaaay south working, and he took her to a shop, had some work done, and then had the same problems recur. Our shop checked and found that some of the fault was in the parts, some in the labor. GAH. Bizarre actions recently include all warning lights lit on our trip back from Vancouver; ABS, brakes, engine light, airbags--and all the electrics were out until we got home, shut it off, and turned it over again. Then it was fine.

Mr. Smartypants and I are not amused.

As a family of three drivers, we knew we needed a more reliable vehicle. We thought long and hard, looked at our options, and realized that we were going to have to return to the world of monthly car payments.

Since there was no avoiding the unpleasant part, we decided we'd make it as palatable as possible.

Meet our new car.
2012 Dodge Challenger, barely over 10K on the odometer.