Sunday, June 22, 2008

a rose by any other name...

There was a staff rose show at work last week. Since the house we're renting has several rose bushes and several of them still have their ID tags, I entered a couple of blooms. It was really interesting to see the variety! A co-worker who has been there for many years told me that the judge takes it all very seriously; many of the entries have comments like, "bloom past prime" or "petals could be longer". My yellow got twitted for the lack of leaves--something I'm not sure how to control! It was fun, though, and everyone got a little lapel pin and ribbons. More photos on flickr.

This rose has no ID tag, but I love the apricot color. I dubbed the resident "Garbo" because she ran away from the camera more vigorously than Spot! She's a crab spider of some type, and I'm hoping she'll hang around a while. There are a few more quickly-captured clicks of her on flickr, too.

The odd thing about all of this is that I have never really had a fondness for roses, aside from the Grateful Dead connection. I am, however, flexible enough to say that if life is going to strew my path with something, I'd rather it be roses than something else less pleasant.

Off to see what else Sunday has in store.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

weekend snaps and a Father's Day goodie

My redhead bought wildflower seeds and they're doing very well. Many more photos on flickr.

He thought he was well-hidden behind the planter, but alas! I found him and took his picture! Poor Spot. New "stuff on nose" photo on flickr, too.

I was helping M get ready for bed last night, and suddenly this angry chair appeared...

And I've had this chap around for a long time, but I've never documented his grumpy mug before.

We're going to a Mariner's game tomorrow for Father's Day! Here's a little ditty that you should feel free to pass along to any Dad's who might enjoy it...just click and then press the red circle to play.

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

On the water

I've mentioned looking at the marshy little islands as I cross Lake Washington on the bus, yes? Seeing the beaver dams and birds and interesting footbridges in spitting distance of the freeway bridge upon which I travel?

Well, turns out that you can rent kayaks at several places 'round these parts. Me and the girlie gave it a go in a two-seater last weekend. Now we want to

(for clearer photos with less pixilation, go to my flickr site.)

Houseboats on Portage Bay. Pretty. Crossing Portage Bay was, for me, the only sort-of scary part of the trip. Just wanted to make sure we got across "when the shipping lanes were clear"....we did.

There's a bald eagle on the left in the tree. There was a very determined raven trying to persuade the eagle that he really didn't want to be there. The eagle demurred. Marion spotted this one. (I'm so proud! She's a birder!)

Paddling down a neat little waterway clogged with seeds. Wood ducks sucking them up like a rare delicacy. Guess they are, kind of like early springtime skinny asparagus. Anyhow, the ducks were pretty and this shot does them no justice, but oh well.

Lots of what I suspect are yellow irises. There's a beaver dam to the right of this shot. I like the birdhouse.

And this is my adventure gal. She was game from the word go, put in a great first-days paddling, screeched with joy as we bobbed in the wake of the bigger craft coming through the Montlake cut, and was disappointed when we had to head back.

We're conspiring to take her grandpa out in a three-seater this weekend.....