Sunday, May 04, 2014

a buncha pictures

A bad phone photo of a gorgeous patch of water. I want fabric made that looks like this.

Here's a scarf I made with wonderful yarn. Ravelry project page here.

M was supposed to take pictures of fractals. This was a backsplash at IKEA.

Recently the white car overheated when Mr. Smartypants was at a gig about an hour south of here. We went to get it last weekend and it wasn't ready. We consoled ourselves with another meal from here. Mmm.

Can you believe this was taken from a $5 seat? Way. 
I like the Mariner's stadium, even if they aren't my team.

M hates this picture. I love it. This is what's left after making some roasted tomatoes.

The cherry and plum trees are losing their flowers, but they sure were pretty.

And finally, we were absolutely crushed when we realized that we found this sign after the event had already passes us by.....
That's all!