Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Late at night

Everyone else in the house is asleep. My sweetie's back is out, the dog is snoring underfoot, the cat has likely shoved his way in through the dog door and is curled up in a cardboard box, and Marion's zzz-ing away after cooking dinner tonight!

Seth got her "The Peanuts Cookbook", which he had at her age. (The book does show it's age a bit as one of the instructions is to "ask your mother to show you how to light the stove") She made Beethoven's Bacon Beans (yummy, and I don't even like green beans a little bit!) and Sally's Broiled Cheese Hot-Dog Sandwich. She really did do most of the work by herself. My folks are in town and she invited them to dinner, which was a great move for her as a new chef because there isn't anything my dad would rather eat than a hot dog! He'll even eat them raw! (Eeeew.)

Didn't get much knitting done today, but I'll probably go and do a bit before bed. Hooray, my secret pal got the package I sent! Thanks to the USPS. I adore Priority Mail--it's cheap and fast. I'm so glad she liked everything. Night-night!

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