Sunday, December 08, 2013

Christmas stuff

Do you know Suebob? If you don't, you should. I don't know why the link isn't functioning, but try this:
Stop over and say hello. She's very cool. Here's a list she posted.

A Few of My Favorite Things:

Song: "Let It Snow". It's been the one for me since Mr. Smartypants taught M and I the words while waiting in line for Santa. I think she was 3 or 4.

Fictional character: Raymond Briggs' "The Snowman". Saw the video many times, and then M and I saw a live production in Covent Garden when she was 6. It snowed in the theatre. Oh. My. God.

Present: Well, I do love me some yarn, but I'd really rather someone gave a goat or a water buffalo or some ducklings. (Oooh, there's THIS.)

Tradition: Wrapping at the last minute. Waking up and finding the girlie sitting quietly reading in her room.

Food: Tamales whenever possible. Pork is best.

Cookies: Mr. Smartypants' Little Nut Balls. Don't ask for the recipe. He won't share, and I'm sworn to secrecy. They're worth it.

Drink: I like me some tasty nog, and I won't turn down the bubbly neither.

Light: Big old bulbs for me, please.

Reindeer: Yes, please! I guess I'd say I like 'em all.

Thing to do on Christmas day: We miss attending the McCurdy's party in Arizona. If there's a movie worth seeing, that's fun, too. Then again, lazing about is always delightful.

Friday, November 29, 2013


We are introducing the girlie to "The West Wing". She loves "Sports Night", so this is the next phase in our master plan.

I worked today. I made sure that several people who needed the day off today got it. I am greedily plotting for much time off near the upcoming December holiday.

We (I) gorged on potato pancakes last night for Thanksgivvikah. OMG, YUM. Thank you, Aunt Bess.

I am working on leggings. They are annoying me. I want to return to the ease of this.

It's Friday and I am pissed off that there is no pinball within striking distance.

We are investigating southern New Mexico as a possible landing spot when the girlie chooses a college/university.


Saturday, November 02, 2013

Pay attention!!!

Here's something from the backyard:

Here's something from the front yard:

Here's someone wonderful I met last night:

Do yourself a favor and go hear her speak and read ALL of her books.

I was puttering in the backyard this evening, doing a little fall garden cleanup, and as the sun was disappearing, I noticed crows overhead, playing on the wind currents as they headed for their roosts. Then, as the pink clouds drew my eyes one way, a faint honking caught my ears. I looked up and further west and saw a skein of geese wending their way south. Just lovely.

Thanks, Lyanda, for the wonderful evening and for sharing your joy in the world we share with many other beings.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


It's a variation on Abi's lovely Drop Stitch Cowl--I'm using chunky yarn and 13 needles. It's frabjous. I think it will be a Christmas gift. I know someone who loves GREEN, and the idea of having a handmade Christmas gift ready in less than 24 hours well before the end of October is a heady thing.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

hello, fall

new camera. macro lens. lovelovelove

it's rainy again here. notsomuchlove.

must reschedule M's birthday party with bunnies as she's got la grippe. poor lambie.

go here. how utterly right. morelovelovelove.

we are keeping on and are a bit more solvent. thanks, Don!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

one of my tiny favorites

What is it about bushtits? They seem happy. By virtue of size and song, cheerful is the adjective that comes to mind. I enjoy the way that they move as a body. Apart and together--stretching one or two at a time to cross a street, then the inevitable regroup as others notice that someone's moved on.

Is it food that propels them ever onward? Do the lallygaggers look up from the pursuit of a particularly plump gnat or aphid and think, "Oh shoot! Phil's in that other bush! Gotta go!". Is it the safety in numbers? Surely that plays a part.

Bushtits are the consummate flitter-ers--buzzy, zig-zaggy flight, wings all over the place. They look straight out of a cartoon or fairy tale.  If a bird is going to zip around trailing garlands or draping ribbons or strewing flowers, the bushtit is the logical choice. This then makes them fairly vulnerable to predators--certainly that's the reason for their flocking together so interconnectedly. That and it must take a large number of them to hold the larger banners.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anything's possible......

Mr. Smartypants and I had a nice little trip to Phoenix last weekend. We arrived on Saturday and were picked up at the airport by our friend, the TallMan. We picked up his new Ladyfriend and proceeded to one of the best restaurants on the planet and stuffed our faces. It was wonderful to see our friends there.

We stayed here, and it was just right. A nice room, vats of icy fruit water in the lobby, and a summertime in Phoenix price. Not to mention it was walking distance to the hotel where the auditions were being held on Monday. The heat didn't seem too bad (108 or so), just a bit tiring.

Sunday was a knockaround day--drove by the old homestead and visited a favorite bookstore (I used to work here when the girlie was a babe in arms--would love to again!)

Stats from the Jeopardy! folks:

# of people who sign up for the online test:                                    20,000
# of people who actually take the online test:                                10,000
# of people called in for the next step/audition/test:                       2,500
# of people invited to LA who might get on the show                         400

That last one is might because it depends on how the players are doing--a champ with a winning streak will take up a place that a new player would otherwise fill! 

On Monday, there were about 19 people in my group, equally split female/male, and more than half had been through the audition phase before. We took another 50 question test, similar to the on-line test, and then moved on to the mock game and interviews, both of which were filmed. All involved stressed that they wanted us to have fun and enjoy ourselves--the game in game show being the critical descriptor.

It was fun, and the crew was great and the time flew by. We all made the cut to the pool, if I understood correctly, and so could be called up any time over the next 18 months.

Whatever happens or doesn't happen, I'm happy! It was a great little getaway and we had a blast.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thursday, May 09, 2013


Look what came in the e-mail today....
Congratulations!  You have been selected for a follow-up appointment at an upcoming Jeopardy! contestant search for the XXXX area, exclusively for those who successfully passed the online test.  This is the next step in becoming a Jeopardy! contestant.
Apparently I passed the online test a couple of months back....completely forgot about taking it!
I guess I'm going to have to arrange a June......*ulp*!