Saturday, September 23, 2006

Information, please

Firstly, I misspelled. Appy-polly-logies.

Molson Golden was a WONDERFUL Canadian beer.
(Most Canadian beers are wonderful, as far as I'm concerned.
Oh, Canada!!! I LOVE YOU!)

My sweetie taught me to put a bottle in the freezer
for about 20 minutes before popping it open to get it
to near-slushy consistency. It's almost like a

This is a mandatory beverage for consumption in Arizona in

Sadly, we are having trouble finding "Golden", and the Molson Canadian
isn't quite as near perfection, but we have recently begun watching
the carbs here at the Why Not? household, and as such, have
begun a series of freezer-related experiments with Amstel Light.

(A peek at the website tells me why we can't get it here
any longer--either the exportation has stopped or they
have deleted it from the product line And as yet,
I have not seen Molson Ultra here in the sadly-Budweiser-oriented
U. S. of A.--I'm blaming President Skippy.)

Now you know. Go forth and uber-chill that brew!

And Happy Weekend, too!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

5 is a delightful odd number

Suse led me to Bec, and as I haven't meme'd in a bit, this looked fun....

5 things I wish were in my freezer:

*A batch of my mom's homemade spaghetti sauce
(with extra garlic, please!)
*A Pepperidge Farm layer cake
*A Molson Goldon, approaching icy-ness
*ice cream sandwiches
*more of the halibut that Seth caught this summer
(I'm greedy, we still have some...)

5 things that shouldn't be in my wardrobe:

*The short black lace-up granny boots
that I used to go dancing in back in the 80's
(my redhead calls them my "polio boots")
*many sweaters that never see the light of day in our
overly temperate winters
*holey undies that crack up my 9-year-old girlie
*travel clothes from when Chico's was new and cool
*a pair of simple, low-heeled slides which I think are
really too narrow for my canoe-sized feet

5 things I hate about my car:
(this is tough--I love my old granny truck)

*no airbags
*broken tailgate
*eats batteries--new one like clockwork every year
*nowhere at all to put cups
*the exorbitant fee I must pay to register her
every two years-- $32! (heh-heh)

5 things I should throw out of my pack:

*melted crayons
*gum and mints that I don't like
*multitudinous cash register receipts
*used sticky-notes (mostly doodled on by the girlie)
*old aspirins and allergy pills

5 things that I don't want to admit are in my bathroom:

*a shower that should be declared by the EPA
to be unsafe for human use
*a Nora Roberts book
*a classic package of Band-Aids which will NEVER
be opened because they're in the tin box that they used
to sell them in when I was a girl
*wet wipes

Is there anyone out there reading this? If so, please consider yourself tagged! To quote from the wonderful Eva Ibbotsen in The Secret Of Platform 13,

"Play up and play the game!"

(Too much information about work and life in general and more photos to come this weekend, if I make it through Friday...)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Well, my passport IS up-to-date...

You Belong in Amsterdam

A little old fashioned, a little modern - you're the best of both worlds. And so is Amsterdam.

Whether you want to be a squatter graffiti artist or a great novelist, Amsterdam has all that you want in Europe (in one small city).

Monday, September 11, 2006

Good advice, now and always

Can you make it out?

Look closely....

Thanks to my redhead for taking and sharing the photos.

Love and peace to all.

The Party's Over...

Here is the doomed sock. The cuff is a bit wonky, I know I goofed up the short-row wraps on the heel, and looking at it now, I can see the little ladders from the placement of my needles. Love the yarn, but the pattern didn't work.

Marion did the honors of removing the needles....

And this is sans heel and foot....

Look! A Rockette-in-training! Naught but the cuff remains...

And here is the delightful yarn, happy to be restored to it's un-socked form, ready and rarin' to meet it's next challenge with me, Novice Sock Gal, at the needles.

With this sweet little face, we bring to a close the first-ever
"Why Not? Frog-Along". Thanks to everyone who participated and left comments--I'll try to track down everybody's work and link to each blog so that you can all enjoy each others unraveling!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Frog-along hops towards a finale....

Welcome jpknits! We're so happy you could join in.

Today's post will have to be a two-parter, as Flick'r can't seem to upload all my frogg-ariffic shots just now.

Know that I, Too, have frogged.

And it feels GOOD!!!

Photos pertinent to said frogging (including the finest handmaiden a knitter could ask for) will be posted ASAP, which will likely be later tonight if I'm not completely toast after my softball game.

Keep up the good work, and report in here when you've met your goal (or Waterloo...) I'll put together an Honor Roll at the end of the festivities.

Friday, September 08, 2006


This beautiful logo belongs to The Frog Capital of The World! As they were considerate enough to be hosting their Frog Festival at exactly the time I wanted a Frog-Along, please take a minute to pop in here and see what today's events are.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled blog,
where much frogging is already in progress...

I see you all out there......

I see Susan, who has reaped a large amount of yarn and lost some truly unusual pants (or at least part of pair of truly unusual pants...)

I see Della(all the way over in Dorset!) who has freed some beautiful yarn from a puzzling sock pattern...(mine will follow suit on the morrow).

Go for it, froggers!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

And we're off!!!

YAY! The frogging has commenced!

Eva jump-started us (hee-hee) by revving up and re-working some great orange yarn.

Noo has joined and promises some frogging from across the pond! Welcome, Noo! Spiffing to have you here! (I lurve me them Brits...*sigh*)

For those not presently blessed with items waiting for the eve of destruction (which is tonight, coincidentally), we still are more than happy to have you here, cheering us on. Ya'll can have a tremendously valuable and much-sought-after Why Not? Rain Check, redeemable at some undisclosed future time when a hideous eyesore of a project is causing much furrowing of brows and growly "hmmmms..." and fretting and biting of lower lips as you ponder whether or not to rid yourself of said offensive item. When that fateful day dawns (and dawn it will, sister, as you know only too well,) draw upon that hidden reserve of strength, peer upon that horrendous creation, and RIP, BABY, RIP!!!

I'll even send you a real Why Not? Rain Check, iffen you want one....just let me know and email me your snail-mail address!

Heck, I might even do up some Certificates of Verified Frog-ation if you participants would like...the weekend is upon us, and I could likely whip some out...let me know!

Now go take evidentiary photos, pre- and post-, and show 'em off!

P.S. Go visit Siri for her wonderful blog--today, she's featuring two of the cutest tadpoles ever---and they're holding---wait for it--- a FROG!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Time Warp

Does anyone else remember this?

Ah, wasted youth...whether the arcade took tokens or quarters, I willingly fed them into machine after machine....Space Invaders...Asteroids...and there was one called just plain "Frogs", but here it is.....

The incredibly appropriate game for all of us come this Friday.....


But down to business....

Ok, here are the newest recruits...Jennifer and

(are you sitting down?)


Yes, THAT Kay!

We gotcher real-life, published,co-authoress, hilarious celebrity knitter aboard!

I am a happy woman. Kay is one of the uber-funniest co-authors of both a book and a blog beknownst to humankind. (Her Ann ain't no slouch in the funny department, neither.)(And they're both crazed knitters, so I'm a-lookin' forward to peer in a most-nosy way at what might be frogged from the vicinity of Chez Mason-Dixon.)

Ok, step up, step up...who's next?