Friday, November 29, 2013


We are introducing the girlie to "The West Wing". She loves "Sports Night", so this is the next phase in our master plan.

I worked today. I made sure that several people who needed the day off today got it. I am greedily plotting for much time off near the upcoming December holiday.

We (I) gorged on potato pancakes last night for Thanksgivvikah. OMG, YUM. Thank you, Aunt Bess.

I am working on leggings. They are annoying me. I want to return to the ease of this.

It's Friday and I am pissed off that there is no pinball within striking distance.

We are investigating southern New Mexico as a possible landing spot when the girlie chooses a college/university.


Saturday, November 02, 2013

Pay attention!!!

Here's something from the backyard:

Here's something from the front yard:

Here's someone wonderful I met last night:

Do yourself a favor and go hear her speak and read ALL of her books.

I was puttering in the backyard this evening, doing a little fall garden cleanup, and as the sun was disappearing, I noticed crows overhead, playing on the wind currents as they headed for their roosts. Then, as the pink clouds drew my eyes one way, a faint honking caught my ears. I looked up and further west and saw a skein of geese wending their way south. Just lovely.

Thanks, Lyanda, for the wonderful evening and for sharing your joy in the world we share with many other beings.