Thursday, February 03, 2005

Floral Splash is my friend

Ok, I admit that circular needles are NOT tools of Satan. I do still have a bit of trouble geting the stitches to flow easily up the left needle, and am hoping that's because of the inexpensive circs which were a gift from dear peopole this Christmas. I think I'll have to visit my LYS to invest in a pair of wooden ones that have a smoother transition area from needle-to-cord.

Gosh, I actually have two articles going at once! I'm still going on the poncho--have now figured that the first piece is done, so need to bind off and make its companion piece before the temperature soars here. I have used the Floral Splash in my circ trial, and I think I'll decrease it down and make it into a hat for one of my two bestest friends, both of whom live in colder climes than I. The desert is a great place to live for much of the year, but the fact that I can't wear, sleep in , or otherwise swaddle myself in yards of wool year-round is a bitter pill. (wah.)

Will post more photos soon; objects in progress and FOs if I can get shots of those from folks who now posess them!

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Anonymous said...

Gotcha! You are so cool, you're my internet idol. Love the photos of your byootiful scarves. Can't wait to see one for reals. MT