Monday, March 28, 2005

Monday again???

Yep, I'm afraid so. Allergies are attacking the females in our house; M and I are coughing, sneezing and sniffling up a storm. I'm still poking away at the baby blanket, but it's not really getting anywhere fast. Have switched my usual anniversary gift this year...Most times, I go out to the Boyce-Thompson arboretum with my sweetie and childie and buy lots of plants, but this year, I'm asking for a trip to my LYS for supplies for the French Market Bag featured in Knitty. (Sorry, I don't have the link thing down yet). If it works, it'll be the first thing I've made for me! And felted, too. Hmm, maybe I'm biting off more than I can chew... we'll see.

Work is ugly. I promised Seth I'd spend some time looking into Canadian immigration, and I almost have enough points to make it as a Skilled Worker. I just have to wrangle up a job offer and we should be able to go. My fab in-laws want to come, too, and we know folks with land outside Vancouver, so maybe I'll have a Canadian blog going sometime in the future! I LOVE what I've seen of Canada and also have found Canadian people to be delightful. We watch "The National" almost nightly for REAL news instead of the sensationalist garbage that we get fed in the US. And if Skippy starts up the draft, as it seems he will, I'm ready to go if Canada will have me/us.

Anyhow. Not much else to relate. The dog got a good haircut recently, so he doesn't have ptarmigan feet right now. I still miss my cat, but I'm not quite ready to bring another one home right now. Worked in the yard a bit this weekend, and I may even get some honeysuckle blooms this summer since we've had so much rain. That'd be nice. The wildflowers out front are starting to fade, and I've got to collect some of the lupine seed for next fall. Cleaning up in the summer is such a chore, but I really love the yard in spring (see earlier photos).

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Thanks Secret Pal!!

Last week, while my computer was out having a wash and set, a mysterious package arrived....

It contained a wonderful book, "Zen and the Art of Knitting" and 2 fab CDs loaded with toothsome tunes for toe-tapping and yarn-twirling! I ingested the book very quickly (as I am wont to do) and have been enjoying the ear-candy frequently since its arrival. Muchas gracias, my southern belle of a pal! And also thanks for the sweet card and drawing--I'll get my camera up and going soon to uplink evidence of the lovely gifties. Kiss that young artist from me.

Life is slowly regaining normalcy. My in-laws are doing pretty well. They've planned a big celebration memorial get-together, and there should be a nice piece in one of the local papers on Tim this weekend. Things still feel weird, but that isn't surprising when you lose a family member.

I'm trying gamely to get a blanket done for a friend's grandbaby, and the New Mexico scarf flew away from me last weekend. Hope it's nested safely in AL-B-Q. Was happy to hear and see that the merino scarf made it to my cold-weather pal in time for her to utilize its fuzzy goodness. Found a great, easy-appearing stuffed bunny pattern, and have tried it, but mine came out looking a bit skewed. Marion likes it, even without ears, so I think she'll get the first attempt and I'll give it another go in a bit.

Did get my ophthalmology assignment done just prior to the computer going away, so that's a huge relief. Must remember that precious word, "NO", next time I am asked to contribute. GS cookie time is at an end, as well, and I'm lucky that my co-leader was the "cookie mom" so that I don't have to deal with the math. (aargh.)

Lots of endings, or so it feels. I'm feeling a little steadier this week, and will now go knit. Peace.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Tim Reader, I love you.

Tim is my dear brother-out-law who passed away this past Wednesday night. Never have you seen bluer eyes. Never have you seen a Shakespearean actor who so loved and understood the Bard. Never would you have had more fun at a Dead concert than with this sweet redhead. Never could there be a dearer friend/uncle. We'll miss him terribly, but know that the time was right. Tim, you're the best.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Yet another Monday

Well, it's a little better than last week, but not much. 6 out of 10 people in my office are out with the current plague. My brother-in-law is in hospital again. I'm behind on the ophthalmology project I volunteered for (and was to have finished by end o' February). My GS troop is barely limping along , and I'm not really interested in getting it back up to speed. And I miss my cat.

On the non-sucky side...Seth's back is better. It's not 8 trillion degrees here yet. I finished the merino giftie for my secret pal and will mail to her manana. And there is cold beer in the fridge and very appealing purpley Takhi yarn wanting to be an Albuquerque-bound scarf. Must think positively....must regain cockeyed optimism... just..need to.. keep that damn kryptonite AWAY FROM ME!!!!!