Thursday, January 13, 2011

she reads minds

bb knew my theivery skills were rusty....and that I was longing for one of these.

10 things that amuse you or make you happy
(mine in random order)

1. Music or speech played backwards or at the wrong speed. Watched a teevee show with the girlie yesterday and the satellite was obviously flummoxed and the folks began speaking in a rather peculiar Martian dialect. Like to wet myself laughing, I did.

2. Watching my dad persevere and find some happiness a year after my mom's passing.

3. boiled wool slippers

4. virtual birdwatching--Mr. Smartypants called me at work mid-afternoon to tell me that there was major activity at the feeders I'd filled the day before--he described and I identified (and was
VERY jealous not to have seen the pileated woodpecker in our backyard myself!)

5. lack of car payments

6. the .99 I spent for this app

7. the fact that the GIANT FLY invasion in the house seems to be subsiding.....

8. my Canadian calendar that has purty photos of botanicals--done up like an old bunch of illustrations from a science book

9. the girlie continuing her musical pursuits; now taking on keyboards