Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Knitting up a storm

Finished Marion's shorter, lightweight poncho tonight! Will put it together and trim it and have her model for a photo in the next day or two. Have also completed the in-the-round hat, which came out pretty well for a first attempt. I unintentionally used the inside of the DPNs when finishing, so it came out with sort of a rosette at the top since the stitches were backwards, but it actually looks kind of neat that way. Talk about learning from your mistakes!

Have vowed to spend the next two evenings writing for the work-related manual I agreed to assist with, so my needles will be cooling a bit over the next 48 hours. (I will try to make sure I get my full lunch-hours though, as there's a lovely park near the office where I can escape and start in on goodies for my secret pal and a scarf I promised to one of my dear buddies.)

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