Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

she's something else

The girlie and I have gotten into the habit of a little texting (from her) and emailing (from me) when she's out of school in the afternoon.

I thrill to see her notes pop up in the midst of the sea of corporate crap messages I slog through daily.

Wednesday's exchange:

Hi Mom! Just got out of school! How's your day going? Mine was good, I don't have much homework yay!!!

YAY for light homework! I'm running off to a meeting right now.
Love you-I'll type at you when I get back.

Okay, have a super-duper fun meeting. I'm sure it will be a life changing experience. You'll have to tell me about it.

these exchanges make me feel like a successful parent.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Wow, I just looked at my "archives" post count.

Amazing decline in the number of posts each year.

Wonder if I can eke out a few more to whup 2010?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Still chuckling

The girlie just finished 2 weeks of acting camp. She did it last year and it was "Grease" in which she happily took a speaking part, even though it was a guy's role. This year, they riffed on "Glee". (Of course, we know OF it, but hadn't watched it until the night before her show on Friday.)

The cool thing is that she told us early on that she had a solo, and that it was "Sing!" from A Chorus Line. (She was doubly tickled as she'd met Mr. Hamlisch last year at a Teen Concert here in town, and he was very kind a generous with his time. Reception pre-show and brought all the teens backstage post-concert for Q&A.) (Classy.)

I have yet to get her OK to put it hers up here (and may not, even with approval), but this is the best YouTube version I found. (roll to 1:25 to start)

She owned it. And the thing I really liked? She had a blast with it. Told her afterwards that it wasn't a solo, it was a number. Big difference.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Consider this your invitation

To come visit and see the rest of my photos from the trip.....

Whatta ya got, you ask?

Viking yarn and knitting tools!
A cool chick and a cool old Citroen!
Wonderful Weymouth-ian and Silly Seattle-ite meet and make pilgrimage to yarn mecca; leave lighter of pocketbook!

Don't delay; click here today!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Next up....Norway!

This shot made me think of bb who has impeccable taste and documents fashion lovingly and bitingly with tongue in cheek. Neat trick, that.
I bought a red one.

Ahhh, Cafe Lillesand........

(Go to flickr if you'd like another helping. There will be more, but I think I took nearly 100 photos in Bergen and I'm not up to messing with them at this moment. Must go celebrate dismissal of $400 parking ticket that I received for being a numpty.)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

There and back again

We've had an amazing June. Thanks to the generosity of our families, Mr. Smartypants, Miss M and I have thrilled to sights, sounds, and tastes of northern Europe and the ever-delightful UK. Am posting Flickr photos as we speak. You can go and have a look at the set (to date--much more to come) here.

A couple of teasers.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

good stuff

stolen from Amy over at the amazing angry chicken
(the other version on YouTube is pretty sweet, too)

thanks, Amy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

on the needles

I know, it's not what I asked about in the last post, but I started it as I waited for advice. (Thanks Gale! It's next on the list after a cute little Easter goodie for the girlie that I found on whipup! but don't want to show yet....)

Pattern from ravelry here. Very simple. Surprising, really, as I'm generally not a ruffly gal, but hey, it called to me....

It's a lovely red yard Italian yarn called Cestari in Dahlia Red that a very nice lady gifted me a while back. Noticing that it's really almost the same color as the coat I wear out into the wet weather daily. And my French Market Bag. I'm thinking of a slouchy hat to go with it...

Sunbreak! Must take Spot out for a walk while we have a few precipitationless moments. Happy weekend!

(Oh, here's a hat I banged out for M recently, too....

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Helllllp meeeee!

I've fallen hard for this lovely.

This one, by a super-duper knitter, is delightful.

As is this one.

The contenders for my affection are a skein of Socks That Rock mediumweight (380 yds), Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (2 skeins 215 yds each) and in a distant third place, some very friendly New England Shetland (I think I have about 4 skeins, 196 yds each).

I'm not great at substituting and making it work.

Which would suit best? And what the heck needle size do I switch to? I know I'd need to check gauge and all, but what would you suggest?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

she reads minds

bb knew my theivery skills were rusty....and that I was longing for one of these.

10 things that amuse you or make you happy
(mine in random order)

1. Music or speech played backwards or at the wrong speed. Watched a teevee show with the girlie yesterday and the satellite was obviously flummoxed and the folks began speaking in a rather peculiar Martian dialect. Like to wet myself laughing, I did.

2. Watching my dad persevere and find some happiness a year after my mom's passing.

3. boiled wool slippers

4. virtual birdwatching--Mr. Smartypants called me at work mid-afternoon to tell me that there was major activity at the feeders I'd filled the day before--he described and I identified (and was
VERY jealous not to have seen the pileated woodpecker in our backyard myself!)

5. lack of car payments

6. the .99 I spent for this app

7. the fact that the GIANT FLY invasion in the house seems to be subsiding.....

8. my Canadian calendar that has purty photos of botanicals--done up like an old bunch of illustrations from a science book

9. the girlie continuing her musical pursuits; now taking on keyboards