Saturday, November 21, 2009

stolen from bb

things I like:
crisp weather outdoors calling for big sweaters
my dog looking like a bear in his curly winter coat
Irish whiskey, neat
James May

not so much:
the new moon movie
folding laundry
some parts of work

things I saw yesterday:
a sweet smile on a bus-riding friend
my favorite yogurt

things that are wearing out quickly:
my work pants
darkness at 4PM

my radio stations on Pandora:
The Kinks
The Hawaiian War Chant
The Beatles (for the girlie)
Careless Love
Brad Paisley
Harry Connick Jr

electronic gifts I might not refuse:
a Wii
an iPod
an iPhone

problems my car is having:
I think it misses me as I'm walking to the bus lately

things to be happy about:
rain boots
roast potatoes
steady work with benefits and paychecks
my dear redhead and girlie

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's cold and it's damp

The suet feeder was lying in the yard next to the front porch when we came to look at the house. I'd always wondered what kinds of birds were drawn to a suet feeder, so of course, I took it as a sign that we ought to rent the place. We did.

Flickers, chickadees, juncos, and nuthatches. The crow who tried it out this last weekend was dark and glossy and incredibly suave, save the leaf caught on his back left claw. As he tried to look cool hanging from the feeder, it flapped quite garishly, like toilet paper caught on a lady's high heel. Silly crow.

Here is proof of some knitting, my dog, the wall over my desk and a link to other photos of things in my backyard, if you're interested.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Figured I'd better have one of George's songs as the title to this post. After much wrangling, we've wrested photos from her phone (my camera battery died just before the big day).

I think she makes a smashing mop-top, how about you? I made the guitar and have firmly decided that cardboard is my new medium. I love that she still lets me participate in her costumes.

Her George mimicry and the batch of perfectly roasted pumpkin seeds were the crowning delight of my Halloween this year.

I have some fall photos to post and will try to do so soon. That includes *GASP* knitting which will be blocking tomorrow as I very happily take a Friday off.

Hope all is well with you!