Tuesday, August 19, 2008

quick notes from a too-short vacation

I had 3 days off. I bracketed a weekend. It was wonderful.

I had lists. Some things got crossed off as done, some did not.

going to bed without setting alarm clock--done (would like to do nightly)

shirts to dry cleaners--not done

attend Prairie Home Companion's Rhubarb Tour show date here--done

hem pants--not done

return green jacket--not done
bathe Spot--done

go to Saturday market--done

check on different schools for M--done

bird walk in Juanita park--1/2 done (I stayed for 2 of the 4 hours--will stay longer next time)(willow flycatcher, osprey. gadwall ducklings, downy woodpecker, charming birders)

closet organization--not done

slumber party with M--done (popcorn, viewing of Ratatouille on portable DVD while cuddled up eating popcorn, chocolate ice cream--great party, lousy spare bed)


knitting--not done, but ready for Dish Rag Tag box to arrive

start work on robot swap--done

here are some random photos; the squirrel is for you, Barb.

we tasted it and it was good.

see how it's a monkey?

see the darling froggie?
tee-tiny bug in a lacy cocoon in my kitchen sink.
we relocated him.
see Barb, there's food for all, even
if you have to hang upside-down by your toes to get at it.

no, this did not come out of the lacy cocoon.
I'll try to post some knitting/making photos soon. Anyone still out there?