Monday, April 25, 2005

Long overdue praise

My delightful secret pal gifted me recently (well, a while ago) with a package full of FUN! A book of yummy desert recipes from a "Miss Daisy" (who looks as though she would be able to scrounge through a bachelor's fridge and whip up something delectable with whatever she discovered there), a beautiful hanging ornament with baubles and bottles and beads and twisting, viney coils, and the ultimate delight, two skeins of baby alpaca yarn in an aptly named shade of Moss. Don't know yet what they'll be, but you can bet your sweet patootie it's going to be something por moi!

Many thanks, you dear girl! I have no photo-posting program residing in my computer at present, but know that I am enjoying all the lovely gifties.

I have nearly finished the blasted baby blanket. I am thinking of putting together the pieces with a Sirdar denim/white yarn. I think it'll go pretty well with the Sirdar lavender, and mayhap give it a more masculine touch. I think Kaleb's daddy would appreciate that. Kaleb himself is growing at an astounding rate for a young man who came on the scene a few weeks early. Makes me remember Marion at that age.

Work is better, thank you. Our new office is taking shape rapidly--we have walls and bricks are starting to cover over them. I made a bet with our office manager that I really didn't think we'd be in by August. I felt so strongly about it, in fact, that I told her I'd wear a bikini to the first day we opened if it was in August. I'm torn now, because we really need the space, but I'm starting to hope that the monsoons this summer slow things down just a bit. Actually, I think we'll be in before the end of the year, which would be terrific.

My magnificent in-laws took off for a 10-day Mexican cruise today. They are slowly recovering from Tim's passing, and they're catching up on sleep like crazy. I love them so much. I'm really glad that they took some time to go away and just be. Seth's planning on re-doing some of the TV stuff in their house while they're gone--move things around a bit and get a satellite system installed (as we love ours). Marion and I plan to make sure that the pool doesn't get lonely. The water's at about 70 right now, which I think is great. I don't like swimming in water that feels like soup.

My folks take off soon for Italy and Switzerland! They're taking mom's cousin along, and I'm certain much hilarity will ensue, as it always does. They make a great travel trio.

I'm working on an earring holder. Can't stand having them all jumbled up in a box any longer. I've peeled some ocotillo branches which have dried and seasoned in the yard for a few years (much to my husband's chagrin), and I'm sealing them and wiring them together this evening. If I get the photo program back, and IF it looks anything like I hope it will, I'll post it.

Again, Belated but heartfelt thanks, secret pal. Hope you and yours are well.

Monday, April 11, 2005


If anyone from the Stitch-n-Bitch group actually ventures in, I really do have photos of things I've knitted. Please check the archives for proof of knitt-ability. Thank you!

Yes, it's Monday (is there a pattern developing here?)

It's taken me a couple of weeks to get back in the knitting frame of mind, but I'm there. Reading "The Knitting Goddess" and reveling in the brioche stitch. I'm about halfway in the pieces for the baby blanket. It may not be perfect squares, but it's soft and purple and machine-washable, which I figure to be a distinct plus for a new mommy.

I also went and purchsed all the needed ingredients for the French Market bag from YAY! Something for me! Decided on a sumptuous red and charcoal combo using brownsheep wool. /And my 7.5 year-old daughter who accompanied me on the shopping venture insisted on buying yarn and needles to make her teddy bear a scarf. YAY! Passing it along! She's much like me in that she frustrates easily if things don't go perfectly at first, but I think she'll do pretty well.

Am trying to come up with a nice parting giftie for my secret pal. Any suggestions? So far, I've sent a little knitted pouch with chocolate, a funnel scarf/cowl made of mohair, and a very enjoyable book.

We may be adding to the family with a small four-legged creature tomorrow, but then again, we may not....more on that story as it develops.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wow! It's Wednesday!

I'm in a total knitting slump. I can't seem to get myself motivated to finish the baby blanket I want to give to a friend's daughter. I can't even get myself to go to the LYS for supplies for the bag I want to make for ME. AARGH!.

Tim's memorial service on Sunday was well-attended (60-70 people) and well-enjoyed. My in-laws are catching up on their rest and planning a cruise soon. (overdue and sure to be enjoyed) I miss Tim and think of him every day.

We are seriously into the planning stages of getting out of the US and heading up to Canada. My in-laws would certainly join us, and we'd be happy for their company. I have to do some more serious work on contacting folks in the BC area to find a job offer, but I don't really doubt that it could happen.

On a pleasant note, my honeysuckle is in bloom! It's the white variety, and I guess all the babying and pampering has paid off. There are a few white blooms and tons of buds ready to spring forth. YAY! I am planning on starting work on my gazebo this weekend. (We won't be heading up north for a while yet, and I want to make this summer bearable.)

That's about it for now. Working on finding a nice final giftie for my secret pal.