Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday! Hooray!

And a Friday payday, too! Hooray squared! And I've heard from my secret pal! Hooray trebled! I'm working on mysterious knitted thingie for my secret pal, and I'm having a good time doing it, too. Will have to put down the needles at some point to get back to the work-related writing project that I did NOT do this week, but this is not the evening for that. Big used book sale in my neck o' the woods tomorrow, so we'll try to get up early and brave the rain for it. It's become a tradition, the Visiting Nurses' Book Sale. Lots of cool stuff; we got a good set of encyclopedias for the girlie last year. Of course, I'll have to look for knitting books this year!


Anonymous said...

Stop knitting up the storms, I'm trying to move this weekend. Yes I found an apt, got the keys on Friday but it was too rainy to move, did make 2 trips on Saturday.
I'm working on coming up either Thur or Fri on work matters (so they pay for mileage and a hotel if I stay overnight) and then spend some of my own dimes to see you & Seth & Marion and the Parental Units.
Mata Ney,

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to ask, based on your southwest locale and language studies, shouldn't the blog be entitled "Por Que?"