Saturday, July 30, 2011

Still chuckling

The girlie just finished 2 weeks of acting camp. She did it last year and it was "Grease" in which she happily took a speaking part, even though it was a guy's role. This year, they riffed on "Glee". (Of course, we know OF it, but hadn't watched it until the night before her show on Friday.)

The cool thing is that she told us early on that she had a solo, and that it was "Sing!" from A Chorus Line. (She was doubly tickled as she'd met Mr. Hamlisch last year at a Teen Concert here in town, and he was very kind a generous with his time. Reception pre-show and brought all the teens backstage post-concert for Q&A.) (Classy.)

I have yet to get her OK to put it hers up here (and may not, even with approval), but this is the best YouTube version I found. (roll to 1:25 to start)

She owned it. And the thing I really liked? She had a blast with it. Told her afterwards that it wasn't a solo, it was a number. Big difference.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Consider this your invitation

To come visit and see the rest of my photos from the trip.....

Whatta ya got, you ask?

Viking yarn and knitting tools!
A cool chick and a cool old Citroen!
Wonderful Weymouth-ian and Silly Seattle-ite meet and make pilgrimage to yarn mecca; leave lighter of pocketbook!

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