Sunday, April 06, 2014

It might as well be Spring...

I'm wondering if y'all know Emily? She's the bees knees. She's the official Dishcloth Diva in my humble estimation. With her encouragement, I've played a few rounds of Dishrag Tag. I've also marveled at her wonderful, whimsical animal patterns, and her adorable Ellie.

She's put together a Springtime Swap, and here's what the very kind Jennifer M sent my way!

Some zingy cotton yarn, a triptych of dishcloth patterns, and treats for me and my Spot-the-dog! Thanks so much, Jennifer! You are generous and thoughtful, and I wish you good knitting!

I'm a bit slower, my swap box heads out to NC today. My girlie is off to the theatre again today for her finale as Feste. It goes without saying that she's magnificent. She has the twinkly eyes and mischievous grin (with dimples) requisite for a proud I am!

Enjoy the last bit of weekend!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A lovely day

Mr. Smartypants had a gig today. I got to come along. I love watching him run a sound board. That combined with the artist being as genuinely talented, kind and gentle as I'd ever imagined has me still in the clouds.

The delightful Dan Zanes.

Apres show nosh here

Started a hat for me with the thrice-frogged yet still delicious Noro I'd purchased many, many moons ago. It's going to be wicked cool.

Hope that your Saturday has been full of wonder.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Let's see. What's going on around here? Miss M is preparing for a college tour with her uncle--they'll use her spring break and get an idea about several far-flung (and a few not-so-far-flung) schools. I'm giddy and nervous and thrilled for her. I think it was a great idea to do this now so that she's really got some good groundwork for next year when it all becomes frighteningly REAL. She's also deep in rehearsals for a production of Twelfth Night in which she plays the fool for several performances. I'm nearly as proud as when she scored the role of A Drunkard in Tempest a few years back.

Mr. Fix-It has succumbed to the dreaded plague that is rolling around the Northwest. I think it's carried in the rain as most everyone has had one form or another. He's stoically working through it and trying hard to rest and recoup. He's recently turned his talents to the repair of a small RC helicopter, and we are waiting out the precipitation to give it a fair go.

Our 18th anniversary is tomorrow. Himself let me choose the date way back when, and I figured what the hell? Not that 18 years of marriage isn't enough reason to raise a glass, but hey, as a Murphy, I'm somewhat honor-bound to celebrate the day in as many ways as can be done!

The hound spaniel is all done with his long course of meds. He misses the steroids, but we are happy not to have him constantly begging underfoot in the now-slip-proof kitchen. His back legs are weaker, but he's getting around. Needs a haircut, but that is a large undertaking that I am not prepared to tackle on this day of rest.

I'm nearly done with a hat for M. Actually committed the cardinal sin of thinking I had enough yarn for a project and running out several rows short. Have been waiting for it to come in at the LYS and will check on it today. Also picked up a cool book at the library, Knitting for Warm Weather. Would have served me well in AZ, but it has a lovely little leafy scarf pattern that I've been noodling with anyhow. Hoping to sit at the sewing machine later and play.

We're kicking around ideas for our next destination. If the girl winds up in California, it will likely be northern, and although I have no objection there, himself says Nevada is as close as he'll go. We'll see. If she heads east, we may be moving to colder climes. I know that I've got the chops to find something at the Cleveland Clinic, but I'd really like the next move to result in a different line of work.  Don't know what yet, but I'll figure it out.

Friday, February 28, 2014

February, adieu.

Mr. Spot continues to improve. *huge sigh of relief*  Miss M even convinced a school chum who has an old, ailing pup to get a vet's help--turns out he had the same thing! Ye gods!

For Valentine's Day, my wonderful mister gave me a lovely little orange vase and some really beige carpet for the kitchen. The carpet prevents dogsliding on the faux-Pergo floor. I lurve my man.

The girlie and I had a splendid evening in town recently; shopping at thrift shops, dining, and seeing Spamalot!

I have finished her leg warmers (please, not more K1P1 for a while, thanks) and snapped photos, but the legs that should be in them are off at Twelfth Night rehearsal just now. Update soon on Ravelry page.

Himself and I enjoyed "The Monuments Men" very much last eve, and tonight have stuffed ourselves on dry-aged top sirloin and a tasty salad.

I spent the afternoon with my dear MIL, playing with my new Singer 6180 Brilliance sewing machine! She is a sewing goddess, and I got the machine in Canada at Christmas and just haven't had time to play with it until now! I forsee several pairs of neatly hemmed work slacks appearing this week, and a recurrence in my stuffed animal (softies) creation soon.....

Saturday, February 01, 2014

January, get thee gone

O my people, what a week, what a week.

  • Mr. Spot had a horrible sudden onset of  (and I kid you not with this name), "Old dog vestibular disease". Essentially, it's vertigo. He'd had a small attack a few weeks ago and I thought it was a seizure, but he bounced back in about 15 minutes. Then a week ago, he couldn't stand. Big shout out to Seattle Veterinary Specialists and their fantastic 24/7 crew. He's on motion sickness meds, steroids and antibiotics, and is rapidly improving. Still has a bit of the drunken sailor in his walk, but the tail is wagging again. This dog is amazing.
  • Work has become quite schizophrenic. New boss is a winner, hands down, but has a big learning curve. Upper-upper management is leaning on us to get 6000 things done per day, all the while seeming to brush aside the fact that we have patients to care for while still short-staffed. I think Mark Knopfler sings it best. (Wait for the chorus)
  • Miss M has her hands full with school (finals) and shows (Singin' in the Rain and 12th Night coming up) and teens behaving teen-ishly. She's fighting a cold and being a trouper.
  • Mr. Smartypants has been trying to help me keep it together, working his two jobs and building a ramp for the dog (who won't use it) and postponing and postponing a lovely dinner out with his folks. That, fortunately, will be remedied this evening. He's also a trouper.
  • I have fallen far behind in a knitalong that I'm still very excited about, despite the fact that my stitch count veered off-course just at the end of the first clue. Will begin to remedy that today and try to catch up with my dear Princess Caspian across the sea!
We made it through, and here's what M and I did this morning for therapy:
These are destined for our lovely neighbors. We have a back and forth baking exchange with them. A sweet young couple and their two adorable wee girlies (one is so wee that Miss M suggested a naked doughnut to be safe--clever, ain't she?). This Winnie-the-Pooh plate is ALWAYS used as the designated serving vessel--it was Miss M's when she was wee, and the lasses next door are muchly in lurve with it.

Thanks, Saturday, I really was counting the days till you got here.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

It's not 2013 anymore!

I generally prefer odd numbers. Last year, however, had an inordinate amount of dumb stuff in it--enough to make me pleased to greet the even-numbered annum. I'm going to toss up a few things here since I haven't fed the blog much of late. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, and enjoy the non-2013-ness, everyone!


Sunday, December 08, 2013

Christmas stuff

Do you know Suebob? If you don't, you should. I don't know why the link isn't functioning, but try this:
Stop over and say hello. She's very cool. Here's a list she posted.

A Few of My Favorite Things:

Song: "Let It Snow". It's been the one for me since Mr. Smartypants taught M and I the words while waiting in line for Santa. I think she was 3 or 4.

Fictional character: Raymond Briggs' "The Snowman". Saw the video many times, and then M and I saw a live production in Covent Garden when she was 6. It snowed in the theatre. Oh. My. God.

Present: Well, I do love me some yarn, but I'd really rather someone gave a goat or a water buffalo or some ducklings. (Oooh, there's THIS.)

Tradition: Wrapping at the last minute. Waking up and finding the girlie sitting quietly reading in her room.

Food: Tamales whenever possible. Pork is best.

Cookies: Mr. Smartypants' Little Nut Balls. Don't ask for the recipe. He won't share, and I'm sworn to secrecy. They're worth it.

Drink: I like me some tasty nog, and I won't turn down the bubbly neither.

Light: Big old bulbs for me, please.

Reindeer: Yes, please! I guess I'd say I like 'em all.

Thing to do on Christmas day: We miss attending the McCurdy's party in Arizona. If there's a movie worth seeing, that's fun, too. Then again, lazing about is always delightful.