Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Birdy musings

Can you believe these two are only about a month old? And that's an estimation on my part. My first photos of them were on April 9th, and I don't really think they were more than a week old then. It's amazing to me how quickly they've grown. I showed them to my friend, Len, yesterday, and he was really taken with them. "Look how they aren't afraid of us!", he exclaimed. He used Marion's favorite word, "Awesome!", and in this case, I find it wholly appropriate. Here they are, growing and prospering in the parking lot of an ophthalmology office. Wow. We should all take a lesson from these two. And their fabulous mama. I think they'll probably be gone in about a week or so. Looking at the development of their feathers, I can't imagine I'll get to see them much longer. I'll miss them, but it sure has been wonderful to get to watch them.

This was NOT a wine worth recommending, but for the lovely chicken on the label. I have lots of poultry in my kitchen. My mom bought into the whole poultry thing so thoroughly that I had to actually issue a "chicken-moratorium" for her, because she was going a little bird-cuckoo. I have the rubber chicken she gave me artfully draped across the faucets for my washer, and it really does make me snicker every time I do a load of laundry. Heck, anything that makes me happy when laundry is involved is welcome!

This is the start of a sweater. I know, it's pretty amazing, innit? I got my hands on a copy of The Yarn Girls' Guide to Kid Knits" when I finally figgered out that the Dulaan project will like my hats and scarves, but would probably really like something a bit more substantial. Thanks to Pam's PEI yarn, I'm working up the "Master of His/Her Own Domain" sweater in the 1-year-old size. It's entirely garter stitch! God Bless You, Yarn Girls!

I really am enjoying the memes that Woof Nanny is posting, (not to mention that she has a great blog anyhow) and I have an idea for one........ Please return here in the next 48 hours and play along!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Well, I think I really did it this time! The wrapped stitches were a little confusing, and I did do some tinking, but there's a heel on that thar sock! I think it's a bit loose in some places, but I'm thinking that when I weave in the ends that'll help a bit. And it isn't perfect, but so what??? I'm very happy with it. I'm strongly motivated to go ahead and weave in the ends now so that I can put it on--the British measures don't quite go up enough for my big Irish feet, but I figger I can just keep stockinetting on until it's toe time. Yay!

I've been cogitating a bit about the jewelry kit that Seth gave me a while back...I have made a few things from it, and I really like noodling with wire, and the little voice in my head wouldn't go away, so here it is......

That's two (count 'em, TWO) rows of garter stitch! I was giggling maniacally the entire time I was doing it, and Marion called out to me, "What are you doing?" I replied that I was knitting with toothpicks and wire, and she called back, incredulously, "TOOTHPASTE?", which of course, made me laugh until I snorted. She said she thought it would be pretty cool if I could do THAT. It really was an interesting experiment, as once the loop was formed, I could wave the toothpick in the air or use it for it's intended purpose if I felt like it--that loop was LOOPED and would not undo. I could practically push it through without the needle, and it was interesting to see everything stay so formed. There may be variations on this coming in the future, we'll see. Of course, the one difficulty was..

breakage. Fortunately, these babies ain't Addis and 7-11 is open all night iffen I run through a whole box!

Please surf over to the coolest Brit I know who has an impending Natal Day this week--I won't tell you how many, but I will say she's a wonderful friend who deserves all your well-wishes. Feliz cumpleanos, mi amiga!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter peeps

Check these babies out!
They've grown a TON in a week! See the beaks?

I'm knitting away with Pam's wondrous wool from The Great White North.... two hats and have been completed and are awaiting a wash, and a scarf is well underway. When I have a bit more finished, watch this space for a fashion show starring my favorite non-stick-figurelike model!

A big shout-out to KT! She was SOOO generous and willing to behave like a modified-stalker to get the MD babes to sign their book for me! Wheee! I can't tell you how wonderful the photos are on KT's blog which showcase all three ladies in their stunning eyewear. So just go on over and look at 'em. It makes my little ophthalmic tech's heart glad to see such bespectacled loveliness.

I am going to stop typing now and go work on my sock. That or sketch out some other crazy knitting ideas I have been rolling around in that gooshy grey matter I carry around under my grey hair.

Snoozing Springer Spaniel. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's the little things...

The first photo is a bit confusing, but it's a good look at the nest.
If you click on the second, it's a much better view. Look at the
yellow beak! I promise, we are not tormenting or touching these
babies, and I will not have daily updates, but I wanted to show
what a good job their Mom has done.

Now for a bit of knitting content...

Wool from Pam! Made on PEI
(Anne of Green Gables PEI, mind you!)
and shipped from Nova Scotia, this
wooley goodness will be Dulaan-bound
as quickly as I can transform it. Thanks to Ryan for
posting about Pam so that I can
joyfully open my home as a way station for good, Canadian yarn with a hankering to travel.
(The color at night in my kitchen is a bit deceiving; the end skeins are quite chocolatey. Mmm.)

Have a good week, everyone.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring things

Isn't she lovely? There are two (count 'em--TWO) eensy-weensy hummingbirdlets contained in this oh-so-perfect wee nestie. We carefully peeked at them (using a mirror) when Mom was zipping around slurping sage nectar.

Beautiful daffs.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Apiary interests and a hat, to boot.

Yesterday was a gardening day. The monstrous, decrepit yucca was threatening people at the front door, and the vine with lovely pink flowers that won't actually climb by itself was becoming a woody firetrap. I spent a good 90 minutes hacking and chopping and stuffing the recycle bin full. As I walked around to see where more surgery would be required, a steady droning crept into my ears. The creosote bush in the front yard, the one that we brought home in a 3-gallon container in the trunk of the car 6 years ago which is now the size of a classic Volkswagen beetle, was buzzing insistently.

The bush is covered with tiny yellow flowers and tiny fuzzy catkins and lots of different bees! Generic, busy worker bees, nearly microscopic bee-like critters with slender bodies wrapped in tidy black and white stripes, and my favorite, a fuzzy-wuzzy with almost no-visible hind-end and a proboscis that strongly resembles a butterfly's tongue. This last bobs about as though it's a marionette, but you can't quite see the fishing line that must be jerking it around like a yo-yo. I absolutely could not get a shot of that one. Very shy, she is.

These ladies were completely absorbed in the task at hand. I dearly wished to get a shot of their bright orange pantalettes, but they foiled me. "No, thank you", they seemed to be saying, "we are not hoity-toity fashion models here to display the hottest modes de Paris. We have a queen to feed and chambers to build and larvae to cool. Don't get in the way." I tried not to, but I did capture a couple of candid shots.

Here are some of the backyard girls, hard at work on the neighbor's orange tree:

And here is another Soulemama/Lemonylemonade chapeau made with Lion Brand. It's a bit larger than I'd intended, so it'll go off to Dulaan with the previously-made clouds. (Dog mask courtesy of my husband, the former Cleveland Browns fan. Thanks sweetie.)