Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Frog on a blog!

In honor of the socks which I have started and stalled upon,

And in conjunction with the Rayne, Louisiana Frog Festival, (but without their knowledge or consent)

I hereby decree that in this year of 2006, the dates

September 8, 9 and 10 will constitute the

First Annual Why Not? Frog-Along!

Please consider this your invitation to participate!!

* * * * * * * * * * *

The requirements are simple and few, and may be interpreted as loosely as you like.

1. Find an item, knitted, sewn, or otherwise crafted that you either cannot stand, cannot stand to finish, or are somehow dissatisfied or unhappy with.

2. Prior to or on the dates listed above, photograph your doomed item and post to your blog.

3. On the dates posted, FROG IT! (See, three available days, no real pressure)

4. At some time following the frogging, preferably before your wild fervor dies down, photograph the end result and again post.

As I am so lame I can barely post to my own blog, I cannot offer a button, but if someone wants to try to whip one up in the short time provided, run with it!

Please, please, please, PLEASE invite as many froggers to the party as you can! The more the merrier! I love a froggy chorus!

If you participate, please leave me a comment here so that we can all come and pat you on the back for bravery towards previously-intimidating projects.

Go thou, and plan to FROG!



Mindy said...

I'm with you. Now I just have to unearth a project to frog.

Emily said...

YAY!! As they say: I am SO in!

I've already got a project picked out - I must be psychic.

Carrie K said...

Oh man! I frogged my almost done cable sweater not too long ago. But surely I have something else I want to frog amidst all my UFO's....... sounds like fun!

Susan said...

[snorting with laughter]

You mean I have to pick just ONE lame, ages-long stalled project to frog?????


Marji said...

oh I'm so early to this party. At STitches two weeks ago I frogged an almost completed Tempting II out of Calmer (I hated it). I've frogged 6 sweaters in the last 12 months, but have still managed to complete a bunch of stuff, but I think I'm just fresh out of stuff to unravel. Have fun!

jpknits said...

It's the 8th of September. I've just seen a Spitting Yarn's reference (at www.spittingyarn.com) to your posted Frog on a Blog.

I need to do it.