Saturday, February 18, 2006


Seth once pointed out that the colors of an Arizona sunset are remarkably well duplicated in our state flag.


The sky was YELLOW when I left work tonight, and it melted into more beautiful colors as I drove home. The time lapse between the shot from the truck and the top one was no more than 5 minutes. The only other place that I've seen sunsets like these was in Japan.

This omelette was the prettiest I've managed to make. My dad makes the best ones ever, and I've tried to duplicate his for years. Note to other omelette-chefs; if you're cooking bacon anyway, use some of the grease for the omelette pan. Lovely shiny browned eggies. Mmm.

The scarf is just knitting and some noodling with different stitches. Using up more stash yarn, and I'll probably make a few more hats as well. I really do like making things to give. Big warm fuzzy.

Marion's got softball tomorrow--she's throwing and hitting right- and left-handed. Someone told me there are great softball scholarships out there; hope she likes it enough to keep up the work! And she's back to ballet, as well, and there are BOYS in her class! Woo-hoo!

Happy weekend to all!

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