Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tagged! I'm it!

Thanks KT, for the kind words and the tag! (I like memes) Below you'll find all the critical doors in our house. Like KT, we don't use the front door much. The garage acts as a kind of airlock in the summer so that you can go from AC in the car to AC in the house with as little exposure to the searing heat as possible.

The house to garage door, although uninspiring, is a useful sort.

We've talked and schemed about replacing the sliding glass back door with french doors, but we've yet to find a like-minded creative soul who'll incorporate the dog-door into the design. Ah well, I can dream...

I've wound the majority of the Curious Yarns sock yarn into a center-pull ball, and am now off to swatch to see if Della and I can find a pattern (or...*gasp* create one) that'll suit us both for socks.

And I'm tagging Della 'cause I want to know what her house looks like, Gale 'cause I know she'll take a rockin' photo, and Eva 'cause she's smart and cool and funny. (Oh, and anyone else who wants to be tagged, too. Please join in and let me know you did!)

Tag! You're all it!

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Kristy said...

Hi, KT! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so excited to meet a new knitter/knit blogger!! You are a brave woman to knit in Arizona. :)

I am in Northern California - Modesto. I'm about two hours: south of Sacramento, east of San Francisco and north of Sacramento. It is a perfect spot for an MDK meet up - it is pretty central.