Monday, February 06, 2006


Allergy time for me! Sneezing and blowing my nose are not conducive to knitting, so it's lucky I'm still in the "in-between projects" phase. I had such a good time with the Red Scarves, however, that I'm thinking Dulaan may be getting knits from me next. I have a bunch of acrylic taking up space. Combining that with the "It Came From Ebay" odd red-with-white-spots-mohair may make some funky, warm hats or scarves. That Cloud Hat(pattern here) is floating into view and may well be be next up on the needles.

I still haven't gotten up the gumption to knit myself any clothing yet, and it's in the upper 70's now, which means by late next Thursday, you can expect it to be in the 90's and we'll be having our A/C serviced and prepped for another year of pizza-oven-like heat.

Excuse me, my nose is running.


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Its nice to think of someone being too warm to wear knitted layers! Dulaan hats sound like your perfect next project. Hope you feel better-

Mandella said...

Allergy season already? We're still in the depths of winter here, so I don't know who's better off.

Tracy said...

I've got another month of slightly twitchy nose before I need to do something about it. Then I get three months of nasal sprays day and night, oh bliss! It's normally gone by the middle of July though, so I get to enjoy our Summer. Keep those tissues handy!

K.T. said...

Feel better! I have had allergies for the entire 18 months we have lived in Virginia and lemme tell you- it stinks. Thanks for your kind words about the ironing board.

Okay, I am sure you will get a kick out of this. So my husband comes to me with a really, really confused look on his face. He says to me: "Honey, why are you commenting on your own blog?"

Ha! We got him! I was practically rolling on the floor. Then I very kindly explained that I was not the ONLY one of us in the world, to which he responded:"Oh my god, there is ANOTHER one of you?!?!?"