Saturday, February 18, 2006

AZ sky with clouds

AZ sky and omlettes 009
Originally uploaded by kamsarmer.

I love the textures.


jackie said...

Just beautiful.

two rabbits said...

oh wow how gorgeous! greg and i get to drive up and down highway 1 in california where we live to get to/from work each day and the sunsets we get to see on a daily basis make me never want to live anywhere else. it's so inspiring and calming and lovely to see sunsets i think. :)

Liz y Brian said...

Great Scot! What a sky! Magnificent. I'll bet people just stand transfixed in the soap suds at the kitchen sink or get out of their cars on the edge of the road or forget to pump their legs while swinging when presented with a sky like that. Well done the Southwest!