Monday, February 13, 2006

Dulaan hats

Dulaan hats
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The Cloud Hat pattern rocks! It's wonderful and fun and Ryan is a clever girlie for bringing it to us. Yay Ryan! I'm thinking of adding a scarf or two before I send a box off to the Dulaan Project. Just makes me feel good all over to be able to MAKE things that people will actually cuddle into and be snug in. MMMMMMmmmmm.

Full moon in our neck o' the woods didn't bring on too much craziness this time around. Just had to get a picture of the girlie and her amazing super-human strength.

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K.T. said...

I have got to do some Dulaan knitting. That picture of Marvelously Muscled Marion is great. Another "KT/kt" moment...I was over at Nashville Stitch N Bitch right after you were, apparently. I went to comment and said: "What, I already commented here?" Too funny.

Hey, I am about to choose fabrics for a log cabin quilt...Interested in a little log cabin together/along? My email, so we don't have to keep just leaving comments (Blogger irritates me to no end) is KT at theeislers dot com