Wednesday, June 15, 2005


No, I didn't knit it, but I have been poking along with this idea for quite a while. Several years ago, I salvaged an entire ocotillo that had been sucker-punched by a monsoon. Much to my husband's chagrin, I brought it home (now that was a job--this is not exactly a small shrub) and have been noodling with the branches and wood off and on. (Note to non-desert dwellers, this baby is covered in sharp spines, but is not a cactus. The wood is incredibly hard.)

I have made a small fence/gate, used it as a trellis, and have heaps of it left. To make the earring holder, I de-spined, peeled, and varnished some of the smaller branches. It's held together with baling wire and copper wire.

I think it's actually prettier in person than here. Yay!

Knitting last night at Coffee Rush was fun. Eva is a hoot, and Pam is a maniac crocheter. It's nice, each time I go to a SNB group, there are different folks there. How wonderful.

I'm off to knit--finished one African-bound scarf and am working on number two. Bon soir!

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