Friday, June 10, 2005

The early bird

I'm trying a morning post today-how unusual! Planning to participate in the Worldwide Knit In Public Day tomorrow in some manner. May well hit my LYS for supplies to make a felted bag for a friend. It also helps that the fab Takhi purple yarn I used for my New Mexico friend's scarf is now on sale--I just bet I could felt it into something fabulous!

Marion is at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden day camp this summer--today they get to go on a (non-white-water) river run! I want to go to camp! They go birdwatching, study plants and animals and do science experiments (not on the animals, thankfully). Yesterday, they went to a pond on the Garden grounds and caught frogs! (Do you hear that, Jackie?) I want to be my own 7-year-old daughter, please.

Off to work now. New building is making progress. Maybe I'll post a photo, if my boss continues to be nice. We'll see, as mom says.

Happy Friday! Go knit tomorrow, everyone!

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