Monday, June 20, 2005


Just like the sound of that word. Not much going on here, although I did send the first in a series of mailings to my SP! More to follow. Also had a nice note from the lovely knitter who drew me, the entirely regal Princess Caspian! I will say that I had a sneaking suspicion that you're in England, Your Highness, and I wish I were there with you! I've never been a true city-lover, but I really think I could live in London, and do so happily. I would, of course, travel about and see ALL of the island, as I know that there is oh-so-much more to it than just that jolly city, but ah, to be in that summer's HERE (112 tomorrow--sob!).

Boastful pictures of my loverly ballerina. She had such a good time, and remembered all her steps. Hooray!

Off to have a cookie and perhaps do a row or two before bed.


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Luscious Gracious said...

She is so lovely!
Hope that we can get our little girls together to knit soon, I feel like a total heel for missing so many opportunities. Spent the entire day yesterday at the bookstore with mine, and can't move at all today. What was I thinkng? Is the heat ever going to stop? Why can't I sleep? Why is the sky blue? I want some candy.