Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Copper bracelet I made for (and modeled by) my mom. Posted by Hello


Kim said...

Katy! The copper bracelet is beautiful. I wear a pounded (I don't know what else to call it!) copper bracelet for my arthritis. I have two- one is so worn from taking it on and off that it is about to break. The other I am just breaking in.

Hope you are doing well!


blblblbl said...

Is that your mother's arm? So graceful. Very delicate.

Oh and that bracelet! Will you show me how to do that? We can sit on my porch in the morning with pliers and orange juice. It will be lovely.

kt said...

I'm so tickled that you 'uns like the bracelet! It was fun to do. I've always liked toying with wire thingies, and Seth gave me a book on jewelry a while back. This was the first attempt.

Luscious Gracious said...

First attempt? Are you kidding? What a glorious piece. Congrats. And copper helps arthritis? Who knew? Really, KT, a beautiful bracelet. I keep going back to admire it.
Hope to see you knitting this week. Tues? kiki