Thursday, March 20, 2008

Words only today

I was a little late coming home today. It's the first time I've stayed past 5 at my new job. We had a physician retreat and a staff seminar. I didn't actually participate in either as I was the stay-behind to care for a patient. It was good to be on the front line; helping out in an emergency again. I'm glad I'm in a position that allows me to do administrative work and still be a tech.

I missed seeing my usual going-home bus driver. He's very kind and has one of those smiles that just lights up his face. He'll often make dry, pithy comments about road conditions or the peculiarities of other drivers. He laughs frequently. I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

I wish I could capture some of the things I see from the bus, but I know that a camera wouldn't shoot well through the bus windows. Plus we often go too fast or it's crowded and I couldn't get turned around to show you what I see.

Things like the beaver dams in the lake.

The beautiful mixture of downtown Seattle architecture.

The little diving ducks who leave a group of circles in their wake.

The incredibly swift-moving clouds overhead.

The other passengers on the bus (most of whom I wrongly assumed were knitters when I first started riding--they all whipped things out of their bags and started unwinding the way I do with yarn when I'm resuming work on a project. Turns out their "yarn" is I-pod headphones.).

Since I can't show you, I'll tell you.

Clad in ghostly white
Glimpsed between mossy branches
Blooming cherry tree


kathy in juneau said...

What a lovely post! It sounds like things are going great for you - I'm so glad!

Valerina said...

So true about people and their Ipods, very funny!

Felicia said...

I'm not often a passenger so when I am I do enjoy looking at the window. So many things to see :)

Mandella said...

Lovely Haiku. Very atmospheric. I love how you can see the joy in small things.

On the bus, I plug in the i-Pod, then I knit!

Emily said...

Nice post - you sound very happy! When I knit and listen to my iPod at the same time, I have to put them on opposite sides of me so that the cord doesn't get mixed in with the yarn!