Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

The girlie and I have been enjoying working in the kitchen together of late. We wanted to make something yummy for breakfast yesterday, but we kept falling short of one ingredient for each recipe we'd chosen. That being the case, we held off until today. Here she is putting the finishing touch (powdered sugar)
onto this (recipe here), a Big Apple Pancake. It made the house smell wonderful (Mr. Smartypants was salivating....) and we made it disappear very quickly. It was a breeze to make, as well.
Here is our Spot, who is going through a renaissance with his crate. He'd been entrenched in a seriously horrific bout of separation anxiety, and just as we'd made a date with a behaviorist to come and help us, he pulled out of it! He was snugged up in here, snurfelling away with his nose under his blankie as we had breakfast. It was raining out and very cozy in the kitchen.
I have to do a big tip o' the hat and a small toot of my own horn. Larissa and Martin's book is out, and even in my prejudiced opinion, it's great! It's got a lovely look to it and I'm really enjoying their writing style. My Bakul made it in for the Recycle Along section, and Marion will testify to the fact that I was jumping up and down in the bookstore yesterday and walking several feet in the air all afternoon. YAY!
Happy bunny day to all. I'm off to do some crafting with my sweet potato.


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Congratulations on Bakul's book appearance, so worthy!

kathy in juneau said...

Yes, congrats on Bakul's appearance in the book; he's fantastic! I've just ordered my copy (along with Gale's book, ahem....) I'm excited enough just having one lowly square making an appearance. I totally get your jumping up and down!!

woof nanny said...

Aahhhhrrrrgggglllll (drooling like Homer Simpson)...
I am SO making that.
I like to go to the Original Pancake House, order something there, then an apple pancake to go. That sucker makes like 8 desserts for later.