Thursday, June 07, 2007

I love swaps and my goofy dog.

Here, just for fun, are photos of the two sweet pincushions I received in the Flick'r pincushion swap. The wee bottlecap one is from Amy, and the polka-dotty one is from Erica. Such fun! There are a couple of other shots on my Flickr page, too. I'll post the two I made after I'm certain they both arrived at their destinations. Spot thought they looked interesting.

I'm doing more softie/pincushion stuff of late; the knitting is still going, too, but not as quickly. Will likely do a fair amount this weekend as S and I run away for a gownup overnight trip this weekend to Nogales, Mexico.
Oh, and it IS Knit In Public Day on Saturday, so do it!

Speaking of Spot, here is my latest favorite shot of him:

He's come a long way from the kennel-bred dog who urped after first tasting bacon. Now, the kitchen floor is his banquet table. Thank you, Spot! Good Dog!

More posting this weekend seems likely. Happy Thursday, all!


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the "e" in "english concertina" be capitalized?

Signed, your friendly local proofreader

Martina said...

Your dog looks like he decided that he needed to be in the pincushion picture. I love dogs who clean up floors!!

Emily said...

I almost missed Knit in Public Day!! Thank you for reminding me - it is the single greatest day of the year.

Floor cleaning dogs are so handy - and softies are awesome! I need to learn to sew better. And then I need to get more hours in my day.