Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Found Weekend

Miss M was off visiting family near Tucson last week, so S and I planned a short trip for ourselves so as to involve picking her up on the tail end of it. We drove down to Nogales, Mexico for some shopping, browsing and noshing on Saturday (Knit In Public Day), then crossed back and stayed the night at a nice place in Green Valley. We procured the childie the next day and headed homeward.

We (mostly I) took pictures! Aren't you glad????

(My Lizzie has great Knitting In Public Day photos on her blog. She's in England, the lucky sod. Go visit her blog and leaver her a nice comment. Then come back, 'k?)

This dude was trying really hard to find the beach.

We stopped at a nice little espresso stand in Nogales (first one I've seen in Mexico--and nary a Starbucks in sight-YAY!!). I liked the warbly look of the Coke bottle reflected on the cool blue tile table top. S and I both liked the real flavor provided by cane sugar in the drink rather than corn syrup. Yum.

Actual knitting content! And how's this for international: I am of Irish heritage, wearing a hat shilling a British lager, a shirt emblazoned with the Cyrillic alphabet, knitting with Turkish cotton yarn (Oh Lion Brand! Who knew?) on US size 7 needles, being photographed by my mixed-breed hubby using a Chinese camera whilst standing in Mexico. *whew!*

Here's the Nogales K-9 unit. Such sweeties to let me take their picture! Look at that baby!

Lunch at the Hacienda Caballo Rojo.

Coming back into the U.S., we drove up I-19, through pretty mountains,

past little ranches with LOTS of horses,

and a big outcropping that I think is known as Elephant's Head. I can't quite make an elephant out of it,

but maybe we were just driving too fast.

We arrived at our destination in Green Valley. The room was lovely, but this was the best part:

Later in the evening, after dinner, more knitting was done. (I was setting up the shot when my DH plunked down my empty beer glass and said, "You gotta get this in the shot!", so I did.)

This shop has everything you might have forgotten to get in Mexico.

The Longhorn. Very well-known restaurant/bar/landmark. When I'm a better photographer, I'll go back and get a photo that shows you that the eyes glow red at night. On second thought, Gale, you need to come to southern Arizona too, don't you?

Sunday morning, I awoke early and had coffee on the patio. There were lots of birds--here's a curve-billed thrasher. This one took off after a lizard and chased it all up and down the wall of the next cottage--didn't catch it, but it really tried. I didn't know they ate lizards!

Then we come to the bunnies. They're cute and cuddly, and...

WEIRD! After hopping about, nibbling choice morsels here and there (including a couple of Cheez-Its I grudgingly parted with as bait), these two scampered off and began some sort of bizarre rabbit ritual whereupon Rabbit the First stands still and stares down Rabbit the Second. Rabbit the Second then runs full-tilt at Rabbit the First, who jumps STRAIGHT UP. This is repeated many, many times. Then they stop and hippity-hop off into the creosote bushes. Ok, whatever makes you happy, guys.....

(click on photo for larger view of cwazy-wabbit-behaviow)

Nice shadows on the trunk of the mesquite (I think) next to our patio.

Seedpods of same.

On the way home, we pass Picacho Peak. Sorry about the poor photo.

There are pecan groves on either side of the freeway just before you get to Picacho. They're lovely, mature trees. I'd like to live in one when it isn't brain-frying temperatures outdoors.

And that's about it! Next time, I'll share some of the fun that Della sent me...whatta love.


Emily said...

heeheehee The police dogs are so threatening! It looks like you had a great time - thanks for the slide show!

Martina said...

Looks like a great trip! Love the bunnies and the police dog!

woof nanny said...

So many cool photos! I love the tree shadows. And that puppy!

Coke in a bottle from Mexico (yum!). Coke ought to sell that here as an option. Ditto with transfat french fries at fast food places that taste like crap now that they're 'healthier'.

Thank you for your support of my blog and for the awesome suggestions you left today. I get notification when you comment, but your email address doesn't come up, just a 'no reply'. So I just wanted to say thanks :)

Lisa said...

What a wonderful display of pictures. It's like taking us along on the trip. Thanks for sharing.


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Although I DO need to come to southern AZ, you did some mighty fine photos of your trip. So fun to travel along! Love the cop & chihuahua shot.

knitaly said...

I came to see you, and your lovely Arid-zona :)
I'd love to have a long trip from coast to coast along USA...Maybe one day! Meanwhile I'm travelling on the web.
I'll come back, see you!

Liz y Brian said...

Cyrillic t-shirts, Chinese cameras, and Turkish yarn through Mexico! You bring the whole world on this charming road trip, and how lucky we are! So pleasant in the morning at the photogenic, if misleadingly named, Green Valley. How really lovely the shadowed tree. How loopily intriguing the bunnies (let me add a confusing insight: I think I've seen sheep doing that nose-to-nose bonking too recently, without, I'm a little disappointed to say, the leaping straight up in the air part, which is probably important, I'd say) I also liked the puppy.