Saturday, June 09, 2007

A plethora of pincushions

I want to share better photos of my recent mania with you, my blogfriends.
'Cause I know you'll understand.
And there's lots more to be oooh-ed and aaah-ed at over at the Flickr pincushion group. No, wait, look at MINE first, THEN go over there!

This one went to Jenny in the pincushion swap on Flickr. Making the bird was really fun, too.

This wee bottlecap one went to my friend Laura. We heart tequila.

This little starfish went to Lilla, also in the Flickr swap. Flickr is addicting, BTW.

Amy made this one for me in the swap. Cool that we both had starfish on the brain! And this is her FIRST pincushion! And it's mine!! There are waves on the sides, too. So sweet.

And Erica used all of my colors to make this polka-dotted beauty. I find myself just holding it on my lap, like a kitten. It's so squee!

Off to pack a quick case, then heading south of the border! No, the law isn't after us, but I'll tell you more later.

Happy Knit-in-Public Day, all!


Martina said...

I lurv your pin cushions!

Emily said...

They are so cute, and soft and plushy! I can see why people get addicted so easily!

Jen W!~ said...

Love the pincushions. The birdhouse one is awesome. Makes me wanna gather up supplies and make one. hmm I just might have to do that. well now ya've done. One more thing to add to my to do list.