Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday again

As promised, here are the flowers.
Lovely lavender outside my office.

And the baking; chocolate chunk scones and
lemon cranberry poppy scones (not shown, Thank YOU, Blogger).
Link to super-easy and ultra-adaptable scone
recipe courtesy of Beth--go visit her VERRY
cool blog! Then go whip up some scones!

M's creative "Apple pie with Red Frosting"

Next up is Miss Melfi.

My in-laws have had greyhounds before, and decided that it was
time for another. She is a sweet girl who hops up and down when she
gets visitors. She's trying to teach our stodgy Spot how to play. She is
dark brindle with ears and feet the color and texture of mink.

And lastly but so-not-leastly, Mom hummingbird is back outside my
office. I think that she's the same gal as last year. She picked a different
tree for the nest, and is a bit higher up this time. I'm hoping to get a peek
into the nest again, if I can do so without disturbing her. She let me look
last year, and those babies were things of beauty. Yay!

A small toot of my own horn: I've entered a number of my creations in
The Softie Awards. If you have some time, cruise on over to the Flickr site and
look at all the love and care and creativity there. It's rampant with
delightful art!

Happy rest of your weekend.


Emily said...

It's spring all over where you are! Gonna go print me the recipe for those scones!

pippi said...

I'm so totally jealous of your Spring!!
(Mostly the lavender, as I am a lavender killer, for some reason!)

Kristy said...

Thank you so much for you comment on the Grandmother Purl blog. It is so thrilling to see it finished! I can't even articulate how much it bothers me that it is so belatedly complete but I am glad it is complete. I had never heard that is what gets in the way when you're making other plans...I like that. I need to remember it. Thanks again!

AND your pictures are wonderful. I am such a lover of the rain and the winter weather but your Spring is beautiful. The greyhound is beautiful, too.

martina said...

Spring!! Can I start crying now??? I am soooo envious!