Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Birdy musings

Can you believe these two are only about a month old? And that's an estimation on my part. My first photos of them were on April 9th, and I don't really think they were more than a week old then. It's amazing to me how quickly they've grown. I showed them to my friend, Len, yesterday, and he was really taken with them. "Look how they aren't afraid of us!", he exclaimed. He used Marion's favorite word, "Awesome!", and in this case, I find it wholly appropriate. Here they are, growing and prospering in the parking lot of an ophthalmology office. Wow. We should all take a lesson from these two. And their fabulous mama. I think they'll probably be gone in about a week or so. Looking at the development of their feathers, I can't imagine I'll get to see them much longer. I'll miss them, but it sure has been wonderful to get to watch them.

This was NOT a wine worth recommending, but for the lovely chicken on the label. I have lots of poultry in my kitchen. My mom bought into the whole poultry thing so thoroughly that I had to actually issue a "chicken-moratorium" for her, because she was going a little bird-cuckoo. I have the rubber chicken she gave me artfully draped across the faucets for my washer, and it really does make me snicker every time I do a load of laundry. Heck, anything that makes me happy when laundry is involved is welcome!

This is the start of a sweater. I know, it's pretty amazing, innit? I got my hands on a copy of The Yarn Girls' Guide to Kid Knits" when I finally figgered out that the Dulaan project will like my hats and scarves, but would probably really like something a bit more substantial. Thanks to Pam's PEI yarn, I'm working up the "Master of His/Her Own Domain" sweater in the 1-year-old size. It's entirely garter stitch! God Bless You, Yarn Girls!

I really am enjoying the memes that Woof Nanny is posting, (not to mention that she has a great blog anyhow) and I have an idea for one........ Please return here in the next 48 hours and play along!

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gale said...

Those little birds really are awesome, thanks for sharing them. Little sweater looks good too!