Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blogger is forcing my hand!!!!

Aaaah! After all the hullabaloo, I don't WANT to make the change to "NEW" Blogger! New and improved is generally an oxymoron, and I've read many comments about it. Now it looks like the BloggerGestapo is coming for my poor little old-fashioned blog. *sniff*

A meme kyped from blackbird (a seriously cool blog)

Housework meme

aprons - y/n? Occasionally. I have one, but wear it infrequently.

baking - as often as possible. See last post for scone link. easy-peasy.

clothesline - y/n? No, but I do hang things on the patio chairs. They dry fast at 115.

donuts - ever made them? No, but does anyone remember Morton's frozen Sugar & Spice donuts? I could cry.

everyday - one homemaking thing you do everyday? Help tidy up a bit somewhere-kitchen apres dinner, or laundry folding when pressed, or bagging trash on Wednesdays.

freezer - do you have a separate deep freezer? No.

garbage disposal - y/n? Yes, and forever it will be yes.

handbook - y/n? Yes, varied and sundry.

ironing - love it or hate it? HATE IT. Husband irons on occasion.

junk drawer - where is it? Bottom drawer in the kitchen. Lots of interesting stuff in there

kitchen - design and decorating? Not really. Awful faux woodblock counters, vinyl on the floor, chickens here and there. Haven't hated it enough to change much in the eight years we've had it.

love - what is your favorite part of homemaking? Cooking a meal that I know everyone loves.

mop - y/n? My husband hints often, but I ignore it.

nylons - wash them by hand or in the washer? The single pair I own has been worn so infrequently that they don't need washing. I'll toss and replace as required.

oven - do you use the window or open it to check? Window. Oven in the house only works in the winter. Summer belongs to the toaster oven that lives on the patio.

pizza - what do you put on yours? Ham, pineapple and black olives.

quiet - what do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Breathe and sit still.

recipe card box - No. Cut-outs taped in a spiral notebook.

style of house - concrete block--cool in AZ summers.

tablecloths and napkins - y/n? Former rarely, latter more often.

under the kitchen sink - Cleaning supplies, dustpan, trash bag.

vacuum - how many times a week? Once a week.

wash - how many loads do you do a week? Seems like a zillion, likely 5.

xxxes - do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? On the weekends, and I love Xing things off.

yard - who does what? Me-most planting, trimming. S reminds me to water and he mows, I dump the grass bag into the compost. We take turns filling the bird feeders. The girlie cleans up after the dog, but grudgingly.

zzzs - what is your last homemaking task for the day? Peeking in on the girlie to see if she's asleep and how much she's grown during the day.

Bye for now.


Suse said...

I smiled along as I read this post, and then laughed out loud at the very last line. I do like the idea of checking the sleeping child to see how much she's grown.

PS. Yay the greyhound in the earlier post!!!!

blackbird said...

I love this meme...
like a peek in your house, or at least under your sink!