Friday, May 05, 2006

Empty-nest syndrome


Yup, they're gone. Hope they have wonderful humming-birdy lives.

Meanwhile, back at the out-of-sorts ranch, my addled brain has cooked up:

The "What's IN Your Bag?" meme.......

I scrabbled through mine the other day and was astounded at the amazing things buried within. Ok, I'll show you mine, and you show me yours!

Here's the first layer, the outer crust, if you will:

And if you dig down (and you must), you will reveal THIS amazing mass o' stuff...

Ok, here's the challenge.

Firstly: SHOW ME THE INNARDS OF YOUR KNITTING/CRAFT BAG! I want to see entrails...

Secondly: Name three things in there that you can't do without. Here are mine:

1. My lambie tape measure (thanks, Della!)

2. The Crystal Palace size 8 bamboo needles. These are turning out to be my failsafe "I have no current project and all this yarn and what am I going to do with...Oh, wait, I can...." needles.

3. My toolkit: a metal box that housed a small flashlight which now holds my pins, stitch markers, scissors, tapestry needle, etc. It has sharp edges so it's cocooned in an old sock until I get around to knitting it a proper felted case.

Thirdly: Name three things in there that either shouldn't be there or that you forgot were in there. Mine are:

1. A Starbucks gift card I got for my birthday last August.

2. A very sweet note from my dear mother-in-law.

3. Ticket stubs from a AAA baseball game we went to last summer in San Diego.

I would love to have any and all play along, but as I don't think that there are too many readers of this here blog, I'll tag a few. (If I don't call your name, please join in anyhow and leave me a comment so I can come see what 'cha got!)

I hereby tag: Della, Moose & Bella's mum, Kim, KT, and Barb. Come out and play!


Barb said...

Hi KT. I got your note but I don't have your email address. See you? At first I thought to visit your blog, but do you mean Arizona? Not too far actually. I could come see Rick Rack Ruby too. Wish I hadn't gained weight recently--silly, but it keeps me from wanting to see people. Eek. Not a bad idea though. Let me know what you meant. I love the birdie pics you posted.

Barb said...

Oh, okay. Sure, I'll play, but I don't have a digital, so it will be a few days before I get my pics developed. I assure you, my stuff is far more scary, lol. Do ten plastic grocery sacks count, lol?

martina said...

I'll be posting my bag innards later today! Pop on over!

Blueridgegirl said...

Katy! I've not been ignoring you! Everything here is wild- you know how it is. Anyway, I'll have my bag innards posted this weekend (at the latest). And I didn't even clean the bag out first! :) Take care !

gale said...

oh no, not going there. If I wanted to show the inside of a bag, first Id have to decide which one, then I'd want to clean it up a bit, then I'd decide to start organizing the stuff that came out that I didn't know was in it...I could lose a whole day on that. But I might find all my missing stitch counter thingies!