Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring things

Isn't she lovely? There are two (count 'em--TWO) eensy-weensy hummingbirdlets contained in this oh-so-perfect wee nestie. We carefully peeked at them (using a mirror) when Mom was zipping around slurping sage nectar.

Beautiful daffs.


Mandella said...

Well it's good to see that spring is on its way, at least in your part of the world!

Liz y Brian said...

Oh! Spring it hath dun sprung! What fun garden shearing (hahaha "firetrap" although I love the vine above your door. Very cosy.) and dog clipping (Sweet beast. so unsuspecting...), and bees! Do you know in the mid-Atlantic honey bees are at quite a premium. Diseases with horrible medieval names like "Black Brood" have left wild hives empty and abandonded. Apple and peach orchards hire bee-keepers and their bees to come wander among the blossoms.
I admire your myriad creosote bumbles. What a variety! Tell me more about Dulaan (correcto?): where is it and how do you mail hats there? Do you need to make or steer clear of particular styles? Like...well, I can't think of an inappropriate or culturally offensive hat....maybe something with ears...perhaps there is an ancient decree, for example, that no eared headgear shall be contenanced....
It would be nice to go to Mongolia and see the people under your hats.
You are so quite the Pan Global in the generous department.