Monday, March 07, 2005

Yet another Monday

Well, it's a little better than last week, but not much. 6 out of 10 people in my office are out with the current plague. My brother-in-law is in hospital again. I'm behind on the ophthalmology project I volunteered for (and was to have finished by end o' February). My GS troop is barely limping along , and I'm not really interested in getting it back up to speed. And I miss my cat.

On the non-sucky side...Seth's back is better. It's not 8 trillion degrees here yet. I finished the merino giftie for my secret pal and will mail to her manana. And there is cold beer in the fridge and very appealing purpley Takhi yarn wanting to be an Albuquerque-bound scarf. Must think positively....must regain cockeyed optimism... just..need to.. keep that damn kryptonite AWAY FROM ME!!!!!


The Mother said...

"It will all work out" Mother says.

kt said...

I love you, Mom!