Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Thanks Secret Pal!!

Last week, while my computer was out having a wash and set, a mysterious package arrived....

It contained a wonderful book, "Zen and the Art of Knitting" and 2 fab CDs loaded with toothsome tunes for toe-tapping and yarn-twirling! I ingested the book very quickly (as I am wont to do) and have been enjoying the ear-candy frequently since its arrival. Muchas gracias, my southern belle of a pal! And also thanks for the sweet card and drawing--I'll get my camera up and going soon to uplink evidence of the lovely gifties. Kiss that young artist from me.

Life is slowly regaining normalcy. My in-laws are doing pretty well. They've planned a big celebration memorial get-together, and there should be a nice piece in one of the local papers on Tim this weekend. Things still feel weird, but that isn't surprising when you lose a family member.

I'm trying gamely to get a blanket done for a friend's grandbaby, and the New Mexico scarf flew away from me last weekend. Hope it's nested safely in AL-B-Q. Was happy to hear and see that the merino scarf made it to my cold-weather pal in time for her to utilize its fuzzy goodness. Found a great, easy-appearing stuffed bunny pattern, and have tried it, but mine came out looking a bit skewed. Marion likes it, even without ears, so I think she'll get the first attempt and I'll give it another go in a bit.

Did get my ophthalmology assignment done just prior to the computer going away, so that's a huge relief. Must remember that precious word, "NO", next time I am asked to contribute. GS cookie time is at an end, as well, and I'm lucky that my co-leader was the "cookie mom" so that I don't have to deal with the math. (aargh.)

Lots of endings, or so it feels. I'm feeling a little steadier this week, and will now go knit. Peace.

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Kim said...

Hey- I'm glad you liked your surprise! I have my Southern Culture on right now- my fav is "Walk Like A Camel" and "King of the Mountain."

More coming your way soon, as soon as I get to the PO.

Until then, know that I am sending good wishes your way!