Friday, September 05, 2008

Now and Then

I'm finding more and more that I'm a creature of habit.

I didn't really know that about me. I'm starting to understand how much comfort I take from patterns in my life. Some people would say it's boring, but I'm enjoying the cycles, with their sameness and their small changes. Much has changed since last year, much has not. The important things that haven't changed are my dear redhead, our wonderful girlie, and our loving families. I feel very lucky all in all.

Here's Marion's favorite to give you his take on my theory.
Here's some photos to show my theory.
Spot, healthy and happy in our backyard this week

Spot, soon after his major surgery last November

A tree-ful Redmond twilight last week

A fiery Arizona sunset from last summer

Ferris wheel and totem poles at Evergreen State Fair last Sunday

An ostrich at last year's Maricopa County Fair

My treasure flying at the fair

Same treasure at the Grand Canyon spring 2007

Not bad, not bad at all.
Have a good weekend, everyone.

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woof nanny said...

What an interesting post and perspective. I like this way of thinking.