Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brittania RULES!!!!!!

Mr. and Mrs. R. Robot, late of the U.K. arrived in Redmond, WA last week. They settled in quickly and comfortably on the loveseat in the family room and bade us unpack their traveling case. We happily complied.........

Holy Mackerel! Lovely postcards of their native land, a wonderful letter from Lindsey, a Dr. Who robot chocolate lolly (!!!LOVE Dr. Who in all his incarnations....) and some lavender stick-ons for de-stressing after a rough day at the hospital. They also brought a bag of sweet beads and trinkety-bits which look just right for accessorizing some bracelets I'm noodling with, and a powerfully minty bar for strength! Just the thing for tucking in my pocket the next time our Spot takes us to the enormous dog park for a day's hike!

My DH has already put dibs on the sweet little Rosie Lea teabag to be this year's new Christmas tree decoration. And the cake is so sweet, I hate to think of sticking pins in it...but we'll see.

The Robots are reminding me that there was also a box of special McVitties Jaffa cakes (with orange!) enclosed, but it seems to have disappeared. This is not surprising as the plain McVitties have a history of being inhaled as soon as they've been purchased, and these were SUPER special ones...

Lindsey, thanks so much for all the fun goodies! You've spoilt me terribly! (And my family as well--S asked me what my next swap was and when I said I wasn't enrolled in any new ones at the moment, he sounded like a little boy of about 5 when he said, "None? Really?")

Clare's idea for the R.O.B.O.T. swap was a real winner. Thanks, ladies! You're tons of fun.


Emily said...

Great haul! That was such a fun idea for a swap.

PS Michael says "What are Jaffa cakes?"

Mandella said...

I never knew you liked Jaffa Cakes!