Monday, January 07, 2008

Blame it on blackbird

She who is the queen of blogging, IMHO.

Thus do I humbly bow down and kiss the hem of her garment for bestowing on me this tiny break from manic packing. (We leave for Seattle on Saturday. Egad.)

25 things of which I never tire:

1. redheads. (natural-born ones, any age.)

2. dark chocolate.

3. grey skies.

4. my pet ball of yarn, Tahki/Stacy Charles Shannon in many a hue o' purple.

5. my beat-up pickup truck. MWAH.

6. cheez-its.

7. elephants.

8. the delighted look on a stranger's face when they've received an unexpected compliment.

9. good, reasonably-priced hotels.

10. the magic o' the internets.

11. Miss M's pre-K teacher.

12. puns.

13. birdwatching.

14. the marvelous ability of my husband to ALWAYS pick the good restaurant in an unfamiliar city.

15. watching Miss M sleep.

16. listening to anything being played at the wrong speed which leads to laughing until I snort.

17. good, thin-tipped black ballpoint pens.

18. finding typos.

19. my dog snoring.

20. receiving snail-mail from a real person.

21. flowers. any. weeds or gardens, just show me the petals.

22. reading things I wrote long ago.

23. icy-cold beer.

24. bookstore browsing.

25. memes!

Away now to wallow in dust and cardboard. If you don't hear from me for a while, know that I'll come up for air as soon as I can.


kathy in juneau said...

Good luck with the move!! I'll be waiting to hear from you again from the other end!

KT said...

Would you please get your happy behind up here? Sheesh! I was driving around today thinking of all the stuff I want to show you! I even went to Daniel Smith (ok the Bellevue one) and wished you were there with me. Also found a really cool butcher shop (local & I think family owned). Any how, get y'all up here- a girl can only wait so long!

Emily said...

Saturday? That doesn't seem like nearly enough time! Have a great trip - are y'all driving? If so, be sure to stop at all the yarn stores on the way (you know, just to stretch your legs)!