Friday, January 25, 2008

Things I've thunk

After 10 days in Washington, I find myself with some newcomer observations. Wanna hear?

1. People here, men, women and children, wear scarves. I think the Great Dane I saw yesterday was wearing one under his windbreaker, too.

2. It's really, really hard not to gawk at Mount Rainer from the bus in the morning as we cross the lake.

3. Land o' java, I'm home!

4. I have yet to see anyone actually ON the huge, glassed-in rock-climbing wall at the ginormous downtown REI.

5. The redhead and the girlie have comparison-shopped, and Fred Meyer will be our friend for regular groceries. Albertson's actually expects people to pay $6 for a bottle of Soy Vay! Gad!

6. People do not chat while waiting for the bus. Even when the guy with the Arlo-Guthrie-hair and the big bag of who-knows-what walks up behind them, sets down the bag, and raises his arms up over his head, chattering all the while. Downtown bus riders pay him no heed.

7. I am waiting for my complimentary I-Pod to arrive. It looks as though every other being in Seattle has one, so I guess it'll come when they drop off the recycling bins? I mean, I'm pretty sure that Great Dane had one!

8. Redhead points out that with all these trees, you'd expect maybe an "Oak Street" or "Pineview Lane", but no, we got numbers! 132nd NE and NW 85th and the 502 and on and on...

9. I don't generally wear a hat to work because of the hair-flattening properties, but working in a big hospital in a big city where I walk a few blocks from the bus each day makes me really want to have that cap-tossing MTM moment.

I'm really liking it here. It may snow again this weekend. Camera cables have been found; we may have photos some time soon.


Katy said...

Hello fellow Katy! You must be a great person with a name like that! ;)
Hope you're not sleepless over there in seattle....oh, that was a terrible joke! (I am useless at geography, and that was the only thing I could think of)

Anyways, thanks for popping by my blog. I'll keep my eye on what you are up to (that sounds ominous, doesn't it?)
Have a great weekend!

Martina said...

Iam so glad that you love it there! Sounds amazing

Emily said...

Did the Great Dane have a hat too?

kathy in juneau said...

What an adventure! It's great fun to share it vicariously. Thanks!

KT said...

Ha! You mock the scarf wearing! We'll see where you are about that in the middle of February. And come to think of it- the last 2 times I've seen you, haven't you been wearing a turtleneck? Hmm?

KT said...

I would like to retract and apologize for my comment that KT was mocking scarves. I have seen a lovely knit scarf that she has made and I am certain there are more in her future. My apologies, dear one!