Monday, December 31, 2007

Au Revoir, 2007

Bon Annee!

"Love" was lovely, and it was a nice getaway. We three did a pretty good job of enjoying ourselves and having fun. Cirque du Soleil was grand, and the music was a really interesting re-mix of wonderful Beatles tunes. The girlie was delighted, and even her dad, who doesn't go to shows if he can help it (busman's holiday, you know) was impressed.

Now we're home and thoughts are turning to Seattle. If you haven't guessed it already, I've taken the position and we leave in just over a week. CRIKEY! There are many complicated plans afoot and I won't bore you with them now, but the wheels are in motion and I'm calmer about it than I expected to be. Have wanted to get the the Northwest for some time, and so here we go!

Must publicly thank the divine Norma for Paying It Forward with such style and panache and COOKIES! Didn't get to take photos, but you can go and see them on her blog from a short time back. Go ahead, go take a look, but make sure you have a napkin handy. Mmmmmmmmmm. Also, Norma, the packaging arrived intact and there likely WILL be photos of that--you extremely generous lady, you!

One sentimental note for this final post of 2007. Thanks so much to all of you quality folk that I've met through this blog. It feels so good to know that there are a bunch of wacky, witty, literate and thoughtful crafty people out there, and being able to blabber and chat with you all does me good.

Best of everything to all of us in 2008! Wish you well!


KT said...

Cannot WAIT for you to be here. Happy New Year and my 2008 will be all the better for having you in driving distance. Much love to you & yours.


Emily said...

I don't know why it never registered with me that you were actually moving out there! My jealousy knows no bounds. Very happy new year! You're moving in a WEEK?! Good luck with that - I think it would take me a week to pack up just the kitchen.

Mandella said...

A very Happy New Year to all 3 of you (and Spot). Don't get too frazzled with the move and I'll see you on the other side. DON'T FORGET THE NEW ADDRESS!!!!!!

Martina said...

Hope the move goes smoothly!