Saturday, September 08, 2007

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dirty dishes
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Since I have trouble remembering if it's been done or not, a dishwasher reminder was in order.

A utilitarian design--very helpful to me in the kitchen.


Martina said...

Very unhappy dirty dishes! Good idea

bec said...

They say Alzheimer's isn't when you can't find your car keys... it's when you find them and don't know what they're for.

Not sure where that leaves you and your need for a sign on the dishwasher, KT!

Suse said...

I need one of those signs!

ps. re the duct tape/gaffertape thing, have you seen the wikipedia entry on duct tape? It's a cracker. Even has a special Australian section. I also put a joke in the comments section of my blog, just for you ...

bec said...

are you on blogstrike again?