Monday, October 15, 2007

Can't make the NaBloPoMo

Sorry, I've been a complete one of these of late.

(Photo courtesy of Sloth Industry)

Work is just now getting back under control, and Thursdays off will resume this week.


Here's a meme I shamelessly swiped from la blackbird, the queen of blogging...

A bit of foodie info for each letter of your name......

K is for key lime--the best of the best, and what my sweetie uses in his killer margaritas.

A is for asparagus--thin as a drinking straw, steamed and buttered. Awfully good with a cheese souffle, right mom?

T is for tamale--bad, commercially produced ones should be shot into space. Good ones will make the heavens open and the angels weep. If you get invited to a tamale-making-party 'round the winter holidays, go and count your blessings.

Y is for yeast, that (them...) which makes bread possible. All hail the little yeasties!

Not much crafting to report of late. See above mention of work-place horrors. Here are a couple of snaps for any of you brave souls who still venture by......... thanks!


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Good to know you're still kickin' out there, I was beginning to worry !
Not to be totally out of it but...I'm totally out of it. What is NaBloPoMo ?

Mandella said...

I have no idea what a tamale is, other than it's supposed to be hot.