Monday, September 03, 2007

Nine men

Just on a whim, here are some I like quite a lot.


Ray Davies

James Mcavoy

Sam Elliot

Tom Petty

Hugh Laurie

Gabriel Byrne

Jerry Garcia

Fred Rogers

Alan Rickman


bec said...

hmmm - interesting
Are you aware of a certain narrow-ish, long-ish face pattern emerging here?

Would your beloved happen to have a face that was quite a bit longer than wide, one wonders?

(i like several of these too - but who is Fred Rogers?)

Martina said...

Ok now I feel old! I know who Fred Rogers is. Alan Ricman,,,mmmm. Have you seen Truely, Madly, Deeply? It is my favorite with him.

KT said...

As usual, impeccable choices. House damn near kills me. Tom Petty- oh man. Byrne? HELP ME! Fred- we adore him. Jerry- man he is missed.

woof nanny said...

Oh how fun! Sam Elliot is still hot after all these years. I'll add Mark Harman with the same remark. I love Hugh Laurie--have you seen the British Comedies with Fry and Laurie (Jeeves and Wooster)? So good. To your list I'll add Bob Marley, plus the passionate and lovely chef Rick Bayless--if I could find a man like that to call my own, it would be heaven on earth.